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Take the Ruby Throne! Learn how to become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Being the Emperor is every PvP player’s dream in The Elder Scrolls Online.  Undoubtedly, it’s the game’s most enviable position. Not only will you have bragging rights, you’ll achieve special bonuses that will make you one of the most envied and powerful players in Tamriel.

That said, it’s very difficult to become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online. As you can imagine, many players won’t be able to achieve this illustrious title.

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As difficult as it is to become the Emperor, it’s hard not to daydream about  all the amazing bonuses you’ll receive.

When you become Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online you obtain the following:

  1. A brand-new Skill line
  2. A cool looking costume
  3. Enhanced powers

Players who achieve the title will have a specific “Emperor” skill line (found under the Alliance War heading) designed to focus on PvP battles and sieges. This skill line is awesome, and is yours to keep even after you lose the title of Emperor. These skills will help you stay a step ahead of the competition even when you’re not ruling anymore.

how to become the emperor eso skills
You receive a new Skill line when you become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online.

When you become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online you’ll receive a unique costume. The Emperor armor will give you a different (and flat-out amazing) appearance in the game. Like all ESO costumes, you won’t lose any armor bonuses you might already have.

eso emperor costume
Very few will earn the right to wear the Emperor costume.

Your character will be globally stronger when you become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online – better powers, more damage, and increased stats. These buffs are so strong, you’ll be the most powerful player in the land, as there can only be one Emperor at a given time in any campaign. Not only will the Emperor receive these amazing bonuses himself, he’ll buff other players from the Alliance.

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how to be emperor in eso
As Emperor, you’ll be the strongest player in The Elder Scrolls Online and you’ll buff your teammates.

You can rule the land if two main requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Your Alliance must capture and hold all 6 keeps around the Imperial City.
  2. You have to be the top ranking player in your Alliance at the time.

Controlling all 6 keeps will be a very difficult task, as there are 3 different Alliances fighting to rule the land. Not only will an Alliance have to capture and control a keep, it will have to protect it from attack. Forces will need to be distributed wisely, and this is why an Alliance has to be strong before it even begins thinking about the Ruby Throne.

When a campaign begins, there won’t be an Emperor, so it’s really up to all the players on how much they want to become one. How long the Emperor spot continues to be vacant depends on the ability of the Alliances to control and hold keeps.

To become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online, not only do you have to control all 6 keeps (which is really hard to do), you’ll have to be the best player in your Alliance as well. The best player is determined by whoever has the highest rank on the campaign leaderboard at the time the sixth keep is captured.

It should be noted that Alliance points can be earned for every action, so there’s no advantage given to different ESO character builds. That is, you can lay damage, be a tank, or even heal and still get the same amount of points according to your actions. It also doesn’t matter what you’re doing in-game.: you can become the top ranked player whether you’re fighting, defending keeps, or even completing quests.

It won’t be easy for you to become the best player in your Alliance. It’ll require hard work and dedication. However, the following tips may make your task easier:

  • Join a large group or PvP guild, as you’ll always have somebody protecting you,
  • Participate in all the action you can – especially big fights (you’ll earn you more rewards),
  • Improve your PvP skills — remember, it doesn’t take luck to become Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online, it takes hard work and ability. The more clever and skillful player you are, the easier it’ll be to earn Alliance points.

elder scrolls online emperor
You need to control 6 keeps and be the top ranking player to be Emperor.

Like in real life, losing the power you fought so hard for can be fairly easy. You’ll lose the Emperor title when:

  • Some other player in your Alliance becomes higher ranked,
  • Some other Alliance (not yours) captures the defenses around the Imperial City and you no longer control the 6 keeps,
  • You change the current campaign.

Interestingly enough, the Emperor won’t lose the title if killed by other players. The Emperor will simply respawn. So don’t be afraid to get out there and wreak havoc on the enemy Alliances.

So what do you think? Are you ready to become the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online and take your place in history? The task won’t be easy, and seizing the Ruby Throne is a definite challenge for even the most seasoned of players. Through hard work and determination though you can achieve PvP success. Good luck!

P.S. I’ve posted a YouTube video below that shows a player obtaining the title of Emperor. The video runs slightly over 7 1/2 minutes, and helps illustrate the PvP gameplay and powerful buffs of the title.

[youtube_sc url=””]

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Did you become emperor?

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