Cyrodiil: Aldmeri Dominion Skyshard Locations And Map

Cyrodiil: Aldmeri Dominion Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

cyrodiil aldmeri dominion skyshard locations
Cyrodiil: Aldmeri Dominion Skyshard Locations.


Cyrodiil: Aldmeri Dominion Skyshard Locations

1. To get the “Within Sight of Mnem” Skyshard you’ll have to travel to the south of the Scroll Temple of Mnem, in the southeastern area of Cyrodiil. Close to a spawning location, it can be found to the corner of a ruined Temple of Mnem (more on the southern part)


2. Go to the west of the Scroll Temple of Altadoon, southwestern Cyrodiil, and discover the “Ascending Toward Prophecy and Dawn” Skyshard next to some stone stairs on the marked location, precisely at the bottom of them.
3. To get the “Helping Establish a New Town” Skyshard you’ll be traveling to the southeast of Caste Brindle, still around the Southwestern area of Cyrodiil. Find two barns and go to the middle of them to find the shard sitting on a wooden cart.


4. Now, flip over to the Southeastern area of Cyrodiil and travel to the Southeast of Castle Alessia. Go to the Lunar Fang Docs, which are located between Central Cyrodiil and its southeastern lake, joining the two. Getting in the river will get you eaten by the fish there, which are pretty aggressive. There’s a boat on this dock that has the Skyshard on top of it.


5. To get the “Ruined Spire Peering North to the Tower” skyshard you are going to move to the point between Castle Roebeck and Castle Alessia. Find the Homestead Ruins and spot the tower that has its top ruined. The shard is there, but you should also enjoy the view and take a screenshot as it is worthy of a great wallpaper.
6. This Skyshard is, again, between two forts, this time we’re talking about Fort Rayles and Castle Brindle – roughly on the western area of Cyrodiil. Once you get there, go to Carmala Outlook and find the tower wall which is destroyed and faces a statue made of stone – careful though, hostile players may roam this location as well. The shard is on the broken wall.

7. To get the “Upon Timbered Fingers” Skyshard, head to the northeast of Castle Brindle, still on the western area of Cyrodiil. Travel towards the Wooden Hand Outlook, where you can find some ruined stone towers, trees and, perhaps, enemy players as well – so be careful. One of the stone towers holds the shard on the first floor.


8. This Skyshard sits between Castle Bloodmayne and Castle Black Boot and can be missed because it is pretty far from the main road where you use to pass. The area you’ll be collecting the Skyshard on is the Ayleid Ruins area. Interact with the well while you’re at it, it will boost your health – find the shard on the map’s location and spot its glow.


9. To find the “Where Archers of the Eight Train” Skyshard you’ll be going to the “Abbey of the Eight” area to the west of Castle Black Boot. Find the platform that is next to a stone wall. The riddle talks about the archers because there are residents practicing their bow shots on dummies there.


10. You’ll have to explore the public dungeon named Bloodmayne Cave to find the “Six-Legged Assassins Crawl the Cave” Skyshard. The dungeon is located to the northwest of the Scroll Temple of Mnem and when you enter you’ll find the six-legged assassins, which are spiders. Find the red and blue mushroom that sit in the last cave room and the shard is there too!


11. To get “The Black Dagger’s Prize” Skyshard you’ll be exploring the public dungeon which is named Breakneck Cave and sits between Castle Brindle and Fort Ash. The dungeon are filled with black daggers and has a shard in the northernmost cave room on top of a platform – defeat a Black Dagger and absorb the shard.
12. This Skyshard is inside yet another public dungeon, this time in Haynote Cave which sits between Castle Roebeck and Castle Brindle. The “Singing Straw’s Song” shard is in the last cave room next to Diabolist Volcatia, the last boss which happens to be really strong and hard to defeat if you aren’t in a party – he has a melee add that will chasse you down while she bursts your face with magic.
13. To get the “Walk the Shadowed Path” Skyshard you’ll be grinding inside the public dungeon named Nisin Cave which is to the northwest of Castle Black Boot. The shard is inside the last cave room, but wisps patrol the area so you’ll be killing quite a few.


14. This Skyshard is in”¦ a public dungeon, yes it is becoming quite a cliché. The “At the end of a bumpy road” Skyshard is inside Porthole Cavern, between Castle Black Boot and Castle Faregyl. The collectible itself is in the largest cave room on top of a shrine which is candle lit. Careful, sometimes there’s a mob there which is pretty strong and spawns an annoying add.


15. To get the “Where Bear and Ogre Burrow” Skyshard go inside the Serpent Hollow Cave public dungeon, which sits to the northwest of Castle Brindle. Yes, there are Ogres inside and outside, but you can easily spot them as they walk with bears by themselves – thus the riddle. A pro tip should be to avoid the bears’ power attacks, since they really pack a punch.

The collectible is in the last cave room close to a waterfall and tree.


These are all of the Cyrodiil Aldmeri Dominion Skyshard locations.

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