Craglorn Skyshard Locations And Map

Craglorn Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

craglorn skyshard locations
Craglorn Skyshard Locations

Craglorn Skyshard Locations

1. To find the “Lava flows where Ayleids walked” Skyshard, you’ll have to venture inside the Molavar dungeon, which sits next to a magical anomaly to the south-southwest of the Elinhir Wayshrine. When you enter the dungeon, you’ll spot the shard on a platform to your right.


2. Head to the Northeast of Ogondar’s Winery, in eastern Craglorn and just east of the Spellscar Wayshrine. When you get there, you’ll enter Rkundzelft Dungeon and fight some dwemer machinery to find the “In a lair of metal spiders” Skyshard on the stairs to the right when walking to the eastern dungeon room.


3. To get the “Among Yokuda’s Dead” Skyshard you’ll have to enter the Ruins of Kardala, a dungeon in northwestern Craglorn – the point on the map. When you get in, go and kill the boss called Satagna and you will find he guards the shard.


4. Enter Rkhardarhrk dungeon in northern Craglorn, again on the map’s location, and find the “Where sunlight penetrates Dwarven delves” Skyshard to the north in the cave, before two big stone columns with panels.


5. To absorb the “Where fishmongers sell no fish” Skyshard, venture inside Haddock’s Market dungeon, to the east of Belkarth and to the southeast of the Ogandar’s Winery – you’ll find the collectible near the northern tower, close to the stairs and in front of a tree. There’s also a boss called Ariana At-Fara in front of such tower.


6. Get inside the Chiselshriek Mine dungeon and find the biggest cave room where the Gracious Beacon boss is. You’ll find the “Where chiseled tunnels lead meet crystal caverns” Skyshard by the corner, covered with a boulder. If you don’t know how to reach the Chiselshriek Mine dungeon, know that it is to the northwest of Inazzur’s Hold and the Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine, in northeast Craglorn.


7. To collect the “A sea of dunes beneath the earth” Skyshard, you’ll go inside the Buried Sands dungeon in northwestern Craglorn. When you venture inside, you’ll get why the shard got this riddle – be careful though, the mobs inside make it hard to solo – you’ll find the collectible at the northernmost area inside the cave, north of the final boss.


8. Enter yet another dungeon, this time it’s Mtharnaz Dungeon in western Craglorn, find the entrance marked on the map. The “Under Centurion Guard” Skyshard can be found in the southeast area of the first large room in Mtharnaz dungeon, defended by some Dwemer constructs – it’s quite easy to find and absorb.


9. To find the “At the head of the class” Skyshard, you’ll have to venture inside Balamath Dungeon, to the north-northeast of the Elinhir Wayshrine and south-southeast of Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine. Once you enter it, find the shard above a vault to the right.


10. Get in Zalgaz’s Den dungeon in central Craglorn and clear the first areas which are filled with weak mobs, but be careful, as they group up around the skyshard and can be quite challenging to solo, you’ll find the collectible in the northern part of the cave.


11. To find the “Beyond the Pillar of Hunger” Skyshard, enter the Tombs of the Na-Totambu dungeon in southwestern Craglorn. Once you enter the tumb, look to the left and you’ll see the collectible glowing – but to absorb it you’ll need to reach the end of the dungeon, it is in a small tunnel behind the dungeon’s boss “The Hungry Pillar”.


12. Finally, the “Howling at the Moon” Skyshard is located inside Hircine’s Haunt dungeon to the northwest of the Spellscar Wayshrine in central Craglorn. When you enter the dungeon, spot the shard above a cliff and fight your way to that location.


These are all of the Craglorn Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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