Greenshade Skyshard Locations And Map

Greenshade Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Greenshade Skyshard Locations
Greenshade Skyshard Locations

Greenshade Skyshard Locations

1. The “Flee the Labyrinth of Words and Stone” Skyshard is located to the east of a maze close to the main road. This is south of the Labyrinth Wayshrine and to get to the collectible shard you must kill two tigers.


2. This one is on the starting regions of the Greenshade. There is a large keep called “Shadows Crawl” – get the quest there and, next to Indanas the NPC that you visit during the “Stone Cold” quest, you will find the Skyshard near a large tree.


3. This Skyshard is located to the northwest of Marbruk Settlement, it is located on the second floor of the Mages Guild – the north door is the one that bars your path towards the “Breath of Fresh Air for Marbruk’s Mages” shard.


4. This is one of the easiest SS to find, it’s near some stone wall ruins next to a large tree to the east of the Five Claws Inn (which is represented by a beer mug on the map). Careful though, there are no objectives or quests that direct you there so you can easily skip it.


5. If you follow the directions in the map you are going to find an island with a road intersection. Follow the main road until you find a bridge that’s made of wood and connects this isle with Greenshade, below it you can locate the Skyshard “Where moor becomes moat”.


6. You should head south of the Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine to find Rootwater Grove, the location that hosts the “Stay dry where the Wooden Eye wards” Skyshard. It is almost completely hidden by some big rocks, so keep your eyes peeled.


7. The Barrow Trench public dungeon has one Skyshard inside. This one, however, is right to the East of the dungeon’s main entrance.


8. The “Unheeded by Wood Orc Lookouts” Skyshard is collected on top of a big tower which is guarded by a lot of humanoid mobs, it’s west of the Green’s Marrow Dolmen and southwest of the Wayshrine, but be advised that the mobs there are a lot.


9. Look for the Falinesti Wayshrine on central Greenshade, this Skyshard is located just to the northeast of it and it is collected on the shore of a river, careful when jumping – as you may hit your untimely death instead.


10. This Skyshard is found in the Gurzag’s Mine solo dungeon on top of a platform in the biggest cave, where Retribution stands guard (it’s the Dungeon’s Boss). The Skyshard itself is hard to get to and you’ll have to jump on the platform by jumping on rocks, mushrooms and the rest of the landscape. Happy Jumping!


11. In the solo dungeon of Carac Dena you’ll find the Skyshard in the last cave by the corner – it’s the same room that is guarded by Urumaz the Terrifying and you could easily miss it, so let us be specific: The northwestern corner!


12. The torch icon east of the Woodheart settlement in Southwest Greenshade represents the public dungeon of Naril Nagaia, the place where you can find the “A Pretender in Naril Nagaia” Skyshard. The shard is in the last room, as usual, between a column and a wall in the corner.


13. The “Under root, but hidden high” Skyshard is in the Underrot solo dungeon which holds the collectible. You’ll find it on top of a rock between the first and second floor of such dungeon, jump from the second floor towards it and absorb its hidden power.


14. This one is inside an easy solo dungeon called Harridan’s Lair. The Skyshard is in the cave right before the main boss’s cave – look to the ceiling of the dungeon there, as the glow of the shard is easily identified.


15. The “Mined Up in a Barrow” Skyshard is in the public dungeon of Barrow Trench, this time really inside it and not just at the entrance (remember you already collected the one at the entrance). Turn left on your first opportunity to do so (already inside of the dungeon) and spot the collectible.


16. Rulanyil’s Fall public dungeon, to the northeast of the Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine, is where you’ll spot the collectible. Turn left as you enter the dungeon and spot the Skyshard on the eastern part of this room. Be careful, the dungeon is a hard one and you might want to bring a friend unless you are over the dungeon’s level.


These are the Greenshade Skyshard locations – now hunt them down!

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