Stonefalls Skyshard Locations And Map

Stonefalls Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Stonefalls Skyshard Locations
Stonefalls Skyshard Locations

Stonefalls Skyshard Locations

1. The “Watching Lions Swim to Shore” Skyshard is found to the north of The Harborage in Stonefalls. You should find the shard quite easily by going up a small hill near a stony mountain – it’s facing the shore, just like the riddle points it out to be.


2. You’ll go to the southeast of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine if you want to catch this Skyshard. When you’re arriving to Stonefalls from the previous area of Bal Foyen, take a left. You’ll find the “Near Bal Foyen’s Gate” Skyshard next to a large stone gate. If you’re rushing on quests you’ll probably miss it, otherwise it’s pretty easy to spot.


3. To find the “Staging an Attack on Arand” Skyshard you have to find the Emberflint Mine and Mephala’s Nest, two public dungeons represented by the torch icon on the map. The collectible sits between those, northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine.

If you choose to rush to the shard you’ll get a lot of attention from the nearby mobs and you’ll have to fight a lot – not a smart thing to do if you are under-leveled. Take your time to approach the collectible.


4. To find this Skyshard you’ll have to go to a platform, next to a statue. This place is south of The Matron’s Clutch, between Dagger’s Point Invasion Camp and Hightide Hollow, a public Dungeon.

When you get there, be sure to gawk on the amazing view of the landscape -raise your graphics and enjoy one of the best sceneries in ESO.


5. The “Among Mushrooms, High Above Lukiul Uxith” Skyshard can be found to the north of the road intersection that joins Lukiul Uxith, Heimlyn Keep and Hrogar’s Holdd Wayshrine. To find the collectible you should climb to a cliff, because the shard is on its edge.


6. Finding this Skyshard will take you to the south of Vivec’s Wayshrine in Stonefalls. Climb a little hill and find the collectible easily on a piece of dirt in the lava pit.


7. To find the “South on the Ashen Road, Where Lava Flows” Skyshard you’ll have to visit an area that is located to the south of Ashen Road Wayshrine in the Magmaflow Overlook zone. You’ll find the collectible close to the lava, and it is easily spotted from the distance. Careful though, the enemies nearby are aggressive and will pursue.


8. The “Tucked Away, on a Grotto’s Mantel” is inside the Fungal Grotto Dungeon in the western area of Stonefalls. You really can’t miss this one if you actively visit every PVE dungeon because you’ll spot it right above the entrance where people usually wait for party members.


9. To find this collectible you’ll travel to the southwestern part of Sathram Plantation and Sathram Plantation Wayshrine. The “On a Hillside Behind a Plantation” Skyshard is located behind a house – be sure to grind there a bit since the drops and exp rate there is overpowered.


10. To find the “Left to Rust Beside Ancient Arms” Skyshard you’ll move towards the Inner Sea Armature public dungeon. Enter the dungeon and find the shard in the northwestern corner of the biggest cave room of the dungeon. Kill the Guardian Sphere on the opposite side of that room to complete an achievement.


11. In the Emberflint Mine public dungeon, north of Fort Arand Wayshrine, lies the “Used to Strike Flames Underground” Skyshard. Simply enter the mine and find the collectible under a wooden platform – absorb it and move on!


12. To absorb the “Listening to the Spinner’s Whispers” Skyshard you’ll have to explore the public dungeon which is named “Mephala’s Nest” and is located to the east of Brothers of Strife Wayshrine. The last hallway of the dungeon is where you’ll find the shard.


13. Absorbing the “Found in Soft Dirt by Daggers” is pretty easy. It is located to the north of Davenas Farm inside the Softload Cavern public dungeon – which is located on the map if you travel to the torch icon that represents it. Enter the dungeon, go southeast and find the shard in the corner of the cave.


14. The “Where a Fiery Tide Rises” Skyshard is located inside the Hightide Hollow public dungeon, which sits in central Stonefalls and to the east of the Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine.

When you enter the public dungeon, finish it! You’ll find the collectible at the most common place they are usual in – the final part of the dungeon.


15. This shard is located inside the Sheogorath’s Tongue public dungeon – which is represented by a torch icon on the map. Find the entrance to the aforementioned dungeon to the east of the Sathram Plantation Wayshrine. Once you enter the public dungeon you’ll find the “Discovering a Taste for Madness” Skyshard in the Sheogorath’s Tongue last room – pretty easy to spot when you’re about to leave the dungeon.


16. Finally, the “Drowned in the South by a Clever Bird” Skyshard is in Crow’s Wood public dungeon in Eastern Davon’s Watch – right on the south zone of Stonefalls.

Once you enter the cave, find the shard on the edge of the map behind some stones in the water.


These are all of the Stonefalls Skyshards – proceed to the next area and continue growing!

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