Malabal Tor Skyshard Locations And Map

Malabal Tor Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Malabal Tor Skyshard Locations
Malabal Tor Skyshard Locations

Malabal Tor Skyshard Locations

1. This first Skyshard is to the Northwest of Ilayas Ruins Wayshrine – it is close to a white wall near some ruins and debris. The wall is a stone wall and is overlooking Velyn Harbor, you can spot it as you walk to the Warrior Mundus Stone. This particular Mundus Stone is to the East of the Skyshard.


2. To get the “The Best View of Fuller’s Break” Skyshard you will have to approach the area that is marked o the map from the south. The location is to the north of Ilayas Ruins. The shard is on top of a table that is round and made of stone, overlooking Fuller’s Break – take a good look around because the view is indeed magnificent.


3. This next Skyshard is pretty easy to find because it is on the southern part of the main road that connects Western Malabal Tor and the central part of the region. It’s laying on the ground close to a tree’s root.


4. The “Near the River, Disentangled” Skyshard is to the southeast of the Public Dungeon named Hoarvor Pit and it lays on the shore of the river that passes through Tanglehaven. Look for a tll cliff that separates the road to the north, jump from the road to the shard – but careful and don’t get yourself killed!


5. Head to Mammoth Farm, it is in the north of the Vulkwasten settlement on Northern central Malabal. The Skyshard is there and overlooks the epic enemy “Jagged Grotto”.


6. To find the “Fell From a Bridge Fleeing Abamath” Skyshard you will have to head west of Bloodtoil Wayshrine and find the wood bridge that joins Tanglehave POI Island with an southern island. The shard is next to this bridge and can be spotted because of the shimmering light.


7. Southeast of the Valeguard Wayshrine you should find Valeguard, approach it from the south road and you’ll see the Skyshard sitting at the bottom of the Valeguard Tree. Careful, there is a big bridge that covers shard if you approach Valeguard from the north, and you might just miss the collectible.


8. To find the “Eyed from a Islet in the River Skyshard you’ll be going to the southeast of the Wilding Run Wayshrine. There’s a large lake island close to the Four Quarry Islet – the shard is northwest of that island sitting on top of a rock guarded by three leopards. Kill them and absorb the collectible.


9. There is a large tree on the middle of a cliff overlooking the shore to the southwest of Windshriek Strand – which is represented by an eye icon on the map. This tree is where the Skyshard is. The area is Northern Malabal Tor. Just walk southwest of the Eye Icon.


10. To get the “Withered within the Vine” Skyshard you will have to head to the Black Vine Ruins, which is a public dungeon. The collectible is inside the dungeon, and enemies group here – so be careful when venturing under leveled. The shard is inside the largest cave room – the first – and it is in a corner on the stairs that lead to the second floor.


11. Head to the solo dungeon named Dead Man’s Drop and find the battered shield on the ground – this will start a quest. Go straight to the tunnel that leads to the door you’ll use to exit the last area of the dungeon. The Skyshard is inside that tunnel between a wooden pillar and the cave’s wall.


12. To get the “Property of Parasites” Skyshard you’ll have to go inside the solo dungeon “Hoarvor Pit” in western central Malabal Tor. There are all sorts of parasites and bugs in the dungeon and that’s why the shard is riddled as it is. The first cave room is where you’ll find the collectible.


13. Another solo dungeon has to be explored for this Skyshard, this time you have to visit the Roots of Silvenar dungeon – which is represented by the fortress icon on the map). This dungeon sits on the west side of Valeguard Wayshrine and the collectible is just before the first group of foes, in the middle of the starting tunnel.


14. The “Part of Arrai’s Spectral Dominion” Skyshard is located in the Shael Ruins solo dungeon, which is near a tall waterfall on the south of the Abamath Wayshrine. The shard is on the second floor next to a group of 3 ghost spectrals, right in the first room.


15. Head south of the Dra’Bul Wayshrine – it is located in the southwestern central Malabal Tor region – and get inside the Tomb of the Apostates, the solo dungeon which is covered in vines. The Skyshard is in the last cave room close to a vase that also gives you a quest.


16. To get the “Held by Red-Handed Bandits” Skyshard you’ll have to go to the far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine, which is located on Northwestern Malabal Tor. Once close to the Crimson Cove public dungeon, enter it and be careful because of all the mob groups which also include quite a decent number of mob bosses. The cave room on the eastern side is the one that holds the collectible.


These are all of the Malabal Tor Skyshard locations. Proceed to the next 🙂

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