Cyrodiil: Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard Locations And Map

Cyrodiil: Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Cyrodiil: Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard Locations
Cyrodiil: Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard Locations

Cyrodiil: Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard Locations

1. To get the “Approach the Southern Scroll” Skyshard, head to the spot in the map, west of the Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma on the Northwestern Cyrodiil area. It is pretty easy to spot.


2. Getting the “Overlooking Ni-Mohk’s Falls” Skyshard will take you to the heart of the Daggerfall area and to the west of the Scroll Temple of Ni-Mohk. The collectible is next to a bridge overlooking a waterfall.


3. Go to the Chorrol point of interest, which is to the south of Fort Rayles, and find its largest building. Next to this building there’s lava and the “Near Liquid Fire Flowing” Skyshard. Be mindful of hostile players who may roam around.


4. To get the “Decorating a Nord’s Manor Grounds” Skyshard you should head between Fort Dragonclaw and Fort Aleswell to reach the Bruma area. When you get to this area, collect the shard by going to a structure behind the keep’s biggest house.
5. Travel to the Weynon Priory area which is to the southeast of Fort Rayles. The “Offering at the Priory” Skyshard is in the fence’s corner – the fences that surround the plateau around the house that looks like a castle.


6. To get the “Atop a Crumbling Empire” Skyshard, go near the Empire Tower, which is located between Fort Ash and Fort Aleswell. Get to the tower’s upper level and fight Rock Bone creatures until you get to the top to find the collectible.


7. To get this collectible you should go to Ninendava, which is located between Fort Warden and Fort Glademist, and find the “Home of the Goat-Faced Altar” on the edge of a stone platform.


8. To find the “Search near the Cliffs”¦ Cliffs”¦ Cliffs” Skyshard, go to the point on the map above, which is to the northeast of Fort Warden. The collectible is pretty hard to miss, and you can spot the glow when you are approaching the location.


9. This collectible is in the Anga Ayleid Ruins, which are located to the northwest of Chalman Keep and to the northeast of Bleaker’s Outpost. The “Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is Denied” Skyshard is in the center of the ruins, close to the NPCs Brelynd Verano and Enak.


10. The “Bandits’ Crowning Achievement” Skyshard is in the dungeon named Capstone Cave, located to the southwest of Fort Dragonclaw. The collectible itself is in the northernmost cave below a platform. This platform is where Claudette the Sharper stands (she’s a strong mob).


11. Go to the Echo Cave Dungeon, which sits between Fort Dragonclaw and Fort Warden, and enter it to find the collectible inside the last room of this zombie filled cave.
12. To find the “Vampires Prowl Where Elves Once Lived” Skyshard you must go inside the Lipsand Tarn solo dungeon which is located between the Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma and the Scroll Temple of Ni-Mohk. The dungeon has a boss named Bone Colossus which guards the shard in a small northeastern room. Be careful while fighting him and his 3 adds!


13. Go to the Red Ruby Cave dungeon, which is to the north of Chalman Keep, and find the “In a Cave of Crimson Treasures” Skyshard in the northeastern side of the dungeon.


14. The “Surrounded by Frozen Fungus” Skyshard is located in the public dungeon named Toadstool Hollow, between Fort Dragonclaw and Bleaker’s Outpost. You’ll see the shard as you enter the main room. Jump down and get it!


15. Finally, the “Under Shroud and Ground” Skyshard is in the public dungeon which is named Underpall Cave and that sits to the northwest of Fort Aleswell. The collectible is in the largest room on top of a platform surrounded by metal cages. Know that if you fall you have to fight a Bone Colossus.
These are all the Cyrodiil Daggerfall Covenant Skyshard locations.

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