Shadowfen Skyshard Locations And Map

Shadowfen Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Shadowfen Skyshard Locations
Shadowfen Skyshard Locations

Shadowfen Skyshard Locations

1. To get the “Above the Mages’ eye between the Falls” Skyshard you will have to head to Stormhold, to the west of the Stormhold Wayshrine. Find the collectible on top of the Mages Guild that is right in the middle of the settlement – you’ll have to climb the rocks to your right when you’re facing the Guild’s entrance.


2. Find the “Still shrouded by Spray past a Western Rise” Skyshard to the northwest of The Vile Pavilion, north of Stillrise Village in Northwestern Shadowfen. When you are standing at the Stillrise Wayshrine, follow the river heading northwest and stay by the left shore, following it until you reach a waterfall. The second waterfall you see is the one that has the collectible at the base.


3. The Skyshard is to the south of Bogmother, east-southeast of Camp Silken Snare. You should go south from the Bogmother Wayshrine and turn right at the intersection until you reach Camp Silken Snare. Follow the rocks that go around the camp and continue to the right until you see the “Sneak Behind the relic-thieves camp” collectible shining at the base of the rock formation.


4. This is a very easy Skyshard to get. The “Beside a bowsprit among pirates” collectible is located in Alten Corimont, represented by an anchor icon on the map, to the north-northeast of Alten Corimont Wayshrine. The shard is on the bow of the boat more to the north, which you can jump on via some platforms both from the south and the north as well.


5. Use your imagination to trace a line on the map that starts from Percolating Mire Wayshrine, passes the dome house icon that represents the Percolating Mire and walk it. You will see, at a certain point, a hill with a rock like structure on top of it – the Skyshard is sitting there in the middle of that rocky structure and you’ll see the beam shining.


6. To get the “Where wisps waylay wanderers” Skyshard, head to the Northwest of Hatchling’s Crown and southeast of Hissmir Wayshrine to get to a ziggurat that is to the south of the Deep Graves. Get on top of this structure and see the shard shinning on a balcony/terrace.


7. This is a pretty straightforward Skyshard to find. It’s to the west of Hissmir Wayshrine in the settlement with the same name. The shard is on the top of the large temple that is surrounded by smaller houses. The collectible’s riddle is “Like the Sound of Steam or Snakes”.


8. To get the “Overlooking the Murk of Xal Ithix” Skyshard you’ll have to go to the southwest of Loriasel Wayshrine until you find two bridges – cross the first bridge, head to your left and cross the second, following the path until you get in front of a shrine that has the collectible by its side.


9. To get the “Imprisoned in a crumbling tower” Skyshard you should head to the southwest of the Venomou Fens Wayshrine until you get to what’s left of a tower – enter this ruined tower and collect the shard that is in a wooden box.


10. It’s time to “Peek behind pillars in Atanaz”. To find this Skyshard you have to explore the solo dungeon called “Atanaz Ruins – this dungeon is located to the east of Alten Corimont Wayshrine in eastern Shadowfen. Once you get in the dungeon find the collectible in the second square room inside a pillar on the southwest part.


11. To find this Skyshard you will have to venture within the Broken Tusk solo dungeon which is located to the north-northeast of Camp Merciful Reduction and to the northeast of Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine. When you enter the public dungeon, simply collect the shard that sits in the second northern hall.


12. To find the “Unearthed by an Outlaw Excavation” Skyshard you have to explore a solo dungeon which is named “Chid-Moska Ruins” and is located to the southeast of Xal Ithix and west of Venomous Fens Dolmen. The shard is located in a room that is located at the west part of a tunnel that goes north to a big room.


13. The “Crown in Hand, Leave and Look Right” Skyshard is located to the west of the Hatching Pools Wayshrine and to the North of Hissmir Wayshrine inside a public dungeon which is named Gandranen Ruins. Enter these ruins and look behind the female quest giver to absorb the shard.


14. This Skyshard is inside the Onkobra Kwama Mine, a solo dungeon that sits to the northwest of Leafwater Dolmen and to the southwest of the Percolating Mire Wayshrine. One you enter the dungeon go to the eastern cave, kill the boss there and get on top of a platform that holds the collectible.


15. To find the “Digesting in the Belly of the Black Maw” Skyshard you’ll be touring the Shrine of the Black Maw solo dungeon which is located to the northwest of Stormhold Wayshrine and to the west of Telvanni Acquisition Camp. When you get in the dungeon you will find the collectible behind a wall at the eastern section of the southeastern hall.


16. Finally it is time to collect the “Deep in the Den of Debauchery” Skyshard. This one is located to the east of the Stormhold Wayshrine and to the southeast of Hal Haj-Ei in the public dungeon called Sanguine’s Demesne. This dungeon is crawling with strong mobs, so you should be careful. Keep on killing the mobs until you can spot a cave that has some water running through it and you’ll find the collectible surrounded by stone blocks as you exit the tunnel.


These are all of the Shadowfen Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online – proceed to the next area.

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