Rivenspire Skyshard Locations And Map

Rivenspire Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Rivenspire Skyshard Locations
Rivenspire Skyshard Locations

Rivenspire Skyshard Locations

1. This one doesn’t deserve a proper tip, the “Just outside Shornhelm’s Gate” is”¦ just outside Shornhelm’s gate!


2. To get this Skyshard enter the Eyebright Feld Dolmen area in Eastern Rivenspire – you’ll find the collectible behind the Dolmen, but you can spot it as soon as you approach it.


3. The “Crumbled Tower, Crestshade’s Welcome” Skyshard is found in Crestshade. Start walking to the east of the Crestshade Wayshrine and you’ll see it right away, it is across a bridge.


4. The “Wolves Howl at the Hoarfrost Nearby” Skyshard can be absorbed near the mountain side of the road out of the Hoarfrost Downs Village – see the locale on the map above.


5. The “Cresting the Wood of Words” Skyshard is easily found, just get to the path that is behind the Hoarfrost Downs village and go to the tree that will put you up on a quest, a troll and the cave in which you’ll spot the collectible.


6. Get to the top of the lighthouse you can find on the northeast of Northpoint – know that in order to enter the city, you’ll have to clear a quest named “Northpoint in Peril”. Once you get to the top of that lighthouse, surprise, the “High in the Debris of the Hills” Skyshard is there for the taking.


7. The “Skittered Over In The Pass” Skyshard is located westward of Northpoind. Get to the Staging Point Wayshrine and enter the cavern that is near – the shard is just to the entrance.


8. “Follow the Song to the Landing” or at least that’s what the riddle says. Now seriously, to get this Skyshard simply head to the northwest of Northpoint until the zone where Desuuga the Siren, a group enemy, stands on – spot the shard from the docks of the fishing village.


9. The “Ditched Outside of Lorkrata” Skyshard can be found in Lorkrata Hills to the west of the Fell’s Run Wayshrine. The shard is located behind the most westward tower.


10. Get inside Crestshade Mines, the solo dungeon which you can find on the location marked on the map. The Skyshard is located on a wooden platform that is near the dungeon’s final boss.


11. This Skyshard can be found in the Erokii Ruins solo dungeon, south of Shornhelm. The collectible sits in one of the small rooms to the sides of the big main room where the end boss lurks.


12. The “Among Flyleaf’s Unearthed Dead” Skyshard is located in the Flyleaf Catacombs solo dungeon, right in the center chamber – you can spot it almost as soon as you lay your foot on that chamber’s floor. Find the entrance of the dungeon in eastern Rivenspire next to the Eyebright Feld Domen – check the map.


13. The “Secret in the Blood-Suckers’ Hideaway” Skyshard can be absorbe in the Hildune’s Secret Refuge solo dungeon and you can easily spot it by going to the end room of the dungeon.


14. Get inside the Orc’s Finger solo dungeon and spot the Skyshard as soon as you climb the stairs that lead you to the first large room – the map above marks the dungeon’s entrance.


15. The “Conquer the Crypt of Trials” Skyshard is inside the Tribulation Crypt solo dungeon. The entrance to the Crypt can be found to the north of Sanguine Barrows and Sanguine Barrows Wayshrine -and it is also marked on the map above. Get the shard in the first small room, it is easily spotted.


16. The “Stolen by Worshipers of Ashpit’s Lord” Skyshard can be acquired in the Obsidian Scar public dungeon, but be mindful that the place is hard to tackle, especially if you are under leveled. Try to go there in a group, but notice that the collectible is close to the entrance of the dungeon – it is possible to get alone if you’re a good sprinter.


These are all of the Rivenspire Skyshard locations. Keep on playing The Elder Scrolls Online until you catch them all!

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8 years ago

I just found the Lorkrata Hills skyshard. First of all, thank you so much for thus guide. There were a couple issues with the directions for this one. Lorkrata hills I west of the fell’s run wayshire and the skyshard is behind the westernmost tower. Thanks again for all the help, I can’t tell you how many skyshards I have found using this guide!!

Shane Scarbrough
Shane Scarbrough
Reply to  macushla
8 years ago

Thank you for your comments macushla. Happy to hear the Skyshard guides are helping you out 🙂 Also, we appreciate the clarification regarding Lorkrata — we’ll make the change.