Bangkorai Skyshard Locations And Map

Bangkorai Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Bangkorai Skyshard Locations
Bangkorai Skyshard Locations

Bangkorai Skyshard Locations


1. To get the “A Scenic View of Evermore’s Bridge” Skyshard you’re going to go to Evermore’s Fortifications, because the collectible is right on the outside of that fort. It can easily be spotted if you exit Stormhaven and head to Bangorai through the bridge – you’ll see it shining.


2. Spot the eye icon to the northwest of Evermore. This eye icon represents the Silaseli Ruins, and once you approach these ruins you’ll notice the glimmer of the “Listening to Silaseli’s Whispers” Skyshard at the bottom of the wall – another way you can spot it is if you approach the wall from the crafting station’s position.


3. To get the “Tossed into a Coveside Tower” Skyshard just go to the northwest of the Troll’s Toothpick Wayshrine that can be located in the north area of Bangkorai – you’ll reach the Jackdaw Cove POI and the shard can be discovered inside the ruined tower.


4. This one is pretty easy: Walk to the south of the Viridian Woods Wayshrine and enter a camp that is surrounded by a palisade – that is the Martyr’s Crossing and where the “Answer the Call to Battle” Skyshard can be uncovered, right on the outer side of the camp walls. (East side)


5. The “Secret Shrine by Pelin’s Church” Skyshard can be found to the south of Evermore, behind the church you can find once you step in the Pelin Graveyard POI. Absorb it and you’re 1 shard closer to becoming an Elder Scrolls Online master!


6. To find this Skyshard, which riddle is “Hears Hags but sees Mobile Limbs”, you’ll have to head to the spot on the map above, between Northglen and the Viridian Woods. Once you are there, find the hags that guard the collectible on a small cliff.


7. The “Waiting to be Inducted to the Hall” Skyshard can be found during the main quest for Bangkorai. When the king waits for you to finish up your task, you’ll see this shard to the king’s right.  Once you get the shard, you can talk to the King to get the “Trials and Tribulations” quest.


8. This Skyshard can be found on top of a waterfall out of the Fallen Grotto, thus the riddle “Take a fall from the grotto”. To reach the Fallen Grotto, go through the passageway found in Bangkorai Garrison Wayshrine that leads you to the southern part of the map. Either jump from the top or climb from the bottom, but you’ll notice it.


9. Pretty straightforward Skyshard – it can be found near the Old Tower Wayshrine to the southeast of the Basking Grounds Point of Interest. The shard’s riddle is “Nested in an Imperial Camp”


10. To get the “Sent away to stay with the dead” Skyshard, venture inside the Crypt of the Exiles solo dungeon and grab the collectible that is to your left when you enter the last dungeon room with the boss.


11. This Skyshard is inside the Klathzgar solo dungeon behind a Dwemer device located in the last room of the dungeon.


12. The “Found in Spite” Skyshard is easily collected – just head to the solo dungeon that is named “Torog’s Spite”. It is on top of a platform in the last room of the dungeon.


13. Find the Skyshard riddled as “Where a Stormy Ritual Brews” inside the Rubble Butte solo dungeon, to the southwestern Nilate Ruins.  The collectible is located in the last room, where the boss guards it – you’ll see it in a small cove.


14. The “Stuck in a Troll’s Maw” Skyshard can be found inside the Troll’s Toothpick solo dungeon. The dungeon is to the east of Troll’s Toothpick Wayshrine in the northern part of Bangkorai.

The shard is right at the first room’s corner, but be careful when fighting trolls as they are dire creatures with a nasty health regeneration buff.


15. The “Bjoulsae Bandits’ Hidden Lair” Skyshard is found inside the Viridian Watch solo dungeon. The dungeon is to the east of Evermore and the shard is located in the Viridian Watch’s easternmost room, guarded by a dungeon boss.


16. Finally, the “Meddling Imperials Disrupt the Wheel” Skyshard is located inside of the Razak’s Wheel public dungeon. This dungeon can be pretty tough so be careful if you are currently under leveled. You better bring a party inside this one, and be careful as the shard is hidden behind a piece of Dwemer machinery on the room that is guarded by the mini boss that goes by the name of Rkurdamz.


These are all of the Bangkorai Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online. Absorb them and proceed to the next area.

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