Alik’r Desert Skyshard Locations And Map

Alik’r Desert Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Alik'r Desert Skyshard Locations
Alik’r Desert Skyshard Locations

Alik’r Desert Skyshards Locations

1. To get the “Sentinel of a Domed Tower” Skyshard, just head to the northeast of the Sentinel Wayshrine and get to the tower – right on the top you’ll find the shard shining.


2. You’ll have to explore the Goat’s Head Oasis for this one. Simply approach the Goat’s Head Oasis from the north side and you’ll see the “Shedding Shame in the Oasis” Skyshard glittering.


3. To find the “Across the Ruin from the Warrior” Skyshard you just have to go to the south of a Point of Interest named Salas En, to the southwest of Morwha’s Bounty Wayshrine. You’ll see some small hills on that area; the shard is on top of one of them.


4. The “Stored on a Bergama Roof” Skyshard is inside Bergam. There’s a house in Bergam city that has the shard on top of it – climb to the walls and collect it.


5. Go to the Leki’s Blade town, to the east of the Kulati Mines Wayshrine – find the “Walltop View of the Broken Blade” on the west wall of the settlement.


6. There’s a ship being built on the location marked on the map above – the dry docks of Tava’s Blessing. The “Beside a Drydocked Stern” Skyshard is under the boat’s hull.


7. This one is on top of the Mages Guild that sits to the north of HoodDing’s Watch Wayshrine in the city of Kozanset. This Skyshard is named “Left Out In The Open By Kozanset Mages”.


8. To find the “Near a Paid Feather-Finder” Skyshard you’ll head north of the village of Kozanset, where you can find previous shard. Take the bridge that leaves Kozanset and, before you exit the bridge, take a look around because the shard is next to it.


9. The “Tears Shed for a Toppled Spire” Skyshard can be found to the eastern part of “Tears of the Dishonored” next to Zariya, the NPC you are trying to find in the “Honoring the Dishonored” quest.


10. Head inside the Aldunz Solo Dungeon, which is located on the south part of the Alik’r Desert. The “Second stop on her search for the Pearl” Skyshard is behind a dwemer device in the first cave room of the dungeon.


11. The “Buried Respite from Desert Heat” Skyshard will have you explore Coldrock Diggins, a solo dungeon. When you enter Coldrock Diggings, take a left a absorb the shard – there’s no need to venture inside the dungeon to get the shard, but if you prefer you can always explore the dungeon, kill the boss and pick up the collectible as you are leaving.


12. There’s a solo dungeon on the point marked on the map above that is called Divad’s Chagrin Mine. Enter the dungeon and get to the last room. The “Dig Deep, Don’t Be Embarrassed” Skyshard is located inside the water beneath a wooden scaffolding that sits close to the dungeon’s wall.


13. To get the “Blown Down a Mine Shaft” Skyshard you’ll go in Sandblown Mine, a solo dungeon. To get to this dungeon simply go to the west of Tears of the Dishonored, a Point of Interest, right to the southeaster area of the Alik’r Desert.


14. Enter the Santaki Cave solo dungeon, the Skyshard is easily found and it is riddled “A Caravan’s Wreckage Marks the Path”. It is quite hard to miss 😉


15. The “Trapped Within the Steam Closet” Skyshard is inside the last big room of the Yldzuun solo dungeon, to the east of the Shrikes Aerie Wayshrine. It’s guarded by two enemies.


16. The “Monumental Find in the Lost City” Skyshard is inside the public dungeon of Lost City of the Na-Totambu, to the east of the Sep’s Spine. The collectible is inside the central chamber of the public dungeon.

This is the last of the Alik’r Desert Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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