The Rift Skyshard Locations And Map

The Rift Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Rift Skyshard Locations
The Rift Skyshard Locations

The Rift Skyshard Locations

1. To find the “Braced Against Wind Near the Mine” Skyshard you will have to go to the northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine, in Northern Rift. Once you are walking the road heading west from the Northwind Mine Wayshrine, follow the intersection with a route that leads north to a door, you can find the collectible behind some trees there.


2. Collecting this Skyshard is pretty easy. First of all, know that this is the first area you’ll explore when you arrive at The Rift, and you can spot the collectible on top of a plateau if you stand in Shor’s Stone. Go west of the settlement and pass the Followstone Wayshrine, go to the northeast and find a house that stands out – the shard is south to that house near a platform behind a boulder.


3. To get the “Nearly Discovered By a Mauled Stablehand” Skyshard you are going to head to Treva’s Farm, which is located to the northeast of the Ragged Hills Wayshrine. Find a roaming mammoth and the shard isn’t too far. Looking at the map you’ll see that the roads for an “8” like pattern – and the shard is in one of the eight’s loops.


4. The Skyshard can be found if you walk to the west of Honrich Tower Wayshrine or southeast of the Ragged Hills Wayshrine. The collectible is on the ground on top of a hill at the point that is marked in the map above.


5. To get the “Scour the Crags near Avancheznel” Skyshard you’ll start walking southwest of the Honrich Tower Wayshrine until you get to the Avanchnzel dungeon entrance. Before that same entrance you should go towards the stone column that has a torch by it. The shard is on a half-buried table nearby, and a lorebook called “The Dwemer Inquiries Vol II” can be found there too.


6. Head to the southwest of the Taarengrav Wayshrine on the Western Rift – you’ll have to grind through a worm cultists’ camp to find a barrow lit by torches. Find the platform to the south of the barrow and look behind the boxes that are near – you’ll find the “South where worms swarm the barrow” Skyshard.


7. To find the “A prospect Found” Skyshard you will have to go north of the Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine. Take the road that goes northwest and when you find an intersection take the north road – but stick off road to the right side. After a bit of walking you’ll find a door on a boulder, pass that road and find the shard on the ground a bit ahead.


8. This shard is one of the tricky ones, but you should bear with us – start from Trolhetta Wayshrine, take the road that goes to the northeast and when you get to the intersection just turn to your left. When you get to yet another intersection, make a left again. There’s an NPC named Veldrana there who will give you the quest which is name “A Walk Above the Clouds”.

When you’re done traveling the road there will be stairs – climb them and keep close to the fire, unless you want to get killed. Keep running from one torch to another to prevent your untimely death. Keep on running until you find a stone gate with torches next to it, and a Skyshard for your trouble.


9. You should “Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall” here! From Riften you should follow the road that is going to the north and pass the watch tower. When you look to the other side of the road you should see three rocks – 2 small ones and 1 big one close to each other. The Skyshard is among those rocks, go get them. This is south of Forth Greenwall.


10. To get the “Clank of Gears and Hiss of Steam” Skyshard you should go to the south-southwest of Honrich Tower Wayshrine in Southern Rift. Step inside the Avanchnzel Public Dungeon to find the shard at the corner of the first room, next to the wall and a bit of rubble.


11. You’ll have to get inside the Broken Helm Hollow public dungeon to get the “Guarded by Bears in the Hollow” Skyshard – it is to the northeast of Trolhetta Wayshrine and south of Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine. As soon as you enter this public dungeon you can get a quest named “A Diamond in the Root”, but the Skyshard is right there in the first cave room, with a strong NPC guarding it. It is lying on the ground, next to a stone – there’s a lorebook nearby too.


12. Another public dungeon has to be explored if you want to find this one. The public dungeon is to the northeast of Honrich Tower Wayshrine and it is called Faldar’s Tooth. As soon as you enter the dungeon there is a quest giver named Israk Ice-Storm who will put you to work on the quest “Beneath the Surface”. The Skyshard, however, is located in the northwestern room right on the corner near a tent and shelf. A lorebook can be collected on a stone block on your way to the “Deep in the roots of the tooth” Skyshard – bear in mind that you’ll have to kill a boss to get both collectibles.


13. To find the “Where Green Grows in the Fort’s Wall” Skyshard you will have to delve inside the Fort Greenwall public dungeon, which is located to the southeast of Fallowstone Wayshrine and to the north of the Riften Wayshrine. The shard is located in the eastern room of the dungeon between a wall and a bit of rubble and pretty close to a tree.


14. This Skyshard is inside a public dungeon – yes we know this gets repetitive – and this time you’ll have to explore the Shroud Hearth Barrow dungeon, thus the Skyshard’s name being “Take a shrouded approach. The dungeon is to the southwest of Geirmund’s Hall Wayshrine in Western Rift. Once you get in the Shroud Hearth Barrow, you’ll find that the shard is lying in the biggest room – to the northwestern corner. A boss awaits you in that room as well.


15. To find the “Tread Carefully; Don’t Break a Leg” Skyshard you’ll have to head to the northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine and get in the Snapleg Cave Public Dungeon. Go to the dungeon’s biggest room and you’ll find the collectible in the eastern part of it, surrounded by wooden barrels and crates.


16. Finally, the “Protected by Wraiths in a Beast’s Den” Skyshard will be found inside the Lion’s Den public dungeon, which is located to the southwest of Taarengrav Wayshrine on the Western Rift area. Our advice is that you should get some friends in order to get this shard together, as this is a dungeon that kills most of the people that try to solo it. You should also get a quest that will help you navigate the dungeon – it can be acquired as soon as you enter the dungeon and it is called “A Valuable Distraction”. Now, go to the east to the third circle that represents where the quests’ objective is and get a quest there that is named “Prisoner Dilemma”. You should now be heading towards the prisoner camp, don’t enter the camp but climb a small hill to the northwest of the camp’s entry point. The Skyshard is right there, guarded by a pack of wraiths.


These are all of The Rift Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online — time to go on to the next area.

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