Cyrodiil: Ebonheart Pact Skyshard Locations And Map

Cyrodiil: Ebonheart Pact Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Cyrodiil: Ebonheart Pact Skyshard Locations
Cyrodiil: Ebonheart Pact Skyshard Locations

Cyrodiil: Ebonheart Pact Skyshard Locations

1. To find the “Near the Scroll of Royalty’s Secret Syllable” Skyshard you don’t have to travel a lot because it is pretty close to your spawning locations. You’ll have to travel to the rock towers to the north of the Scroll Temple of Chim to collect the Skyshard – this is located to the west of the Northern Morrowind Gate.


2. Travel to the southwest of Southern Morrowind Gate and spot a destroyed house that sits on top of a mound. You’ll find the “Rope Ladder Hangs South of Ghartok” Skyshard on the ground level floor of this house – this location is pretty close to the fighters’ spawn point in Cyrodiil.


3. To get the “Keeping the Crops Alive” Skyshard you have to head to the eastern part of Cropsford, to the southwest of Drakelowe Keep. The collectible is next to a bridge and a water course.


4. Find the “Cradled in a Ruined Temple Hall” Skyshard in a building that looks like a monastery or some kind of cathedral in Cheydinhal, which sits between Farragut Keep and Blue Road Keep – the shard is next to a statue in this monastery.


5. This Skyshard will take you to a house that sits close to a lake between Drakelowe Keep and Blue Road Keep. The collectible riddled “The Arvina’s Pride” is on the first floor and you can find a lot of stored items there, a hoarder must live there”¦ makes you wonder.
6. To find the “Blue Road’s Trees Fall Just Down the Hill” Skyshard you’ll go to the Belda Ruins which are located north of the Blue Road Keep. The collectible can be found on an edge of the ruins on a circle shaped platform guarded by some patrolling mobs.


7. Travel to the Fanacas Ayleid Ruins to the northwest of Farragut Keep and spot the “Where Bound Spirits Hold Vigil” Skyshard close to tall arches – these are a shrine, and you can spot the shard on top of it in a metal casing.


8. To get the “Soft Wings Spin Choral Garb” Skyshard, visit the “Temple of the Ancestor Moths” which is to the southeast of the Kingscrest Keep. The shard is inside the catacombs and is easily spotted.


9. This Skyshard will take you to visit the Sedor Ayleid Ruins, which are to the west of Kingscrest Keep. The “Wedged Well in Sedor” shard is really tricky to acquire if you are not a member of The Ebonheart Pact faction, as the players from this faction spawn close. The shard is easily found on this area using the map above – keep close to the wall to avoid pulling aggro.


10. The “Fractured By the Bloody Hand” Skyshard is inside the public dungeon named Cracked Wood Cave, which sits between Drakelowe Keep and Castle Alessia. Don’t think this one is one of those you can reach without killing mobs; you’ll have to kill lots of mobs. The shard is protected by enemies in the northwestern part of the dungeon.


11. Go to the Kingscrest Cavern public dungeon which is located to the south of the Scroll Temple of Chim and find the “The Monarch’s Buried Secret” Skyshard at the center of the cave, guarded by a patrolling boss.


12. To find the “Enjoy a Good Roll in the Muck” Skyshard, travel to the public dungeon named Muck Valley Cavern – it is between Drakelowe Keep and Blue Road Keep. The collectible can be absorbed in the most southwestern cave room where a boss named “Kerks Half-Ear spawns – he is pretty strong too.


13. Get in the dungeon named Newt Cave, but do it carefully as this dungeon is insanely hard to solo. The dungeon itself is located between the Drakelowe Keep and the Eastern Elsweyr Gate.

Once you are in, go to the last room and find the shard guarded by trolls – you can avoid them if you play smart or use stealth.


14. To get the “Rushing Water in the Depths” Skyshard you’ll have got to go to Quickwater Cave, a public dungeon located between Arrius Keep and Farragut Keep. The collectible is in the first large rood, hidden by a waterfall.


15. Finally, the “Facing the Faceless” Skyshard is in the Vahtacen public dungeon which is located between Farragut Keep and Drakelowe Keep. The shard is in the southwestern part of the dungeon and you can easily grab it avoiding most of the mobs on the way.


These are all of the Cyrodiil Ebonheart Pact Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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