Reaper’s March Skyshard Locations And Map

Reaper’s March Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Reaper's March Skyshard Locations
Reaper’s March Skyshard Locations

Reaper’s March Skyshard Locations

1. This Skyshard is near the road, and you can spot it if you stand near the Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine – just be careful if you approach that location from the east, as some rocks might block the view to the shard. The Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine is in Northern Reaper’s March.


2. To find the “Where Temple Became Tree-house” Skyshard you’ll have to approach Greenhill as the collectible is to the southeast of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine. In Greenhill you should look for a temple that is in ruins and it’s also the largest building there – the shard is near the temple among hidden by some vegetation.


3. This Skyshard is to the north of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine and it is located inside the Old Town Cavern camp. Find what looks like to be a tree fort. The shard is inside this tree house and you’ll have to find the path leading to it next to the cellar entrance you take to get to the crafting stations. Kill the skeevers guarding it and absorb the collectible.


4. To find the “Overlooking the Site of the fall” Skyshard you are going to travel between the Rawl’kha settlement and the Rawl’kha Settlement Wayshrine. There’s an area that has a red-like color on the ground, the shard is there, to the west of Rawl’kha Settlement.


5. This Skyshard can be found to the north of a nearby dolmen portal, it is close to the 39 level bandit that guards a bridge to the Southwest of Rawl’kha Settlement and the wayshrine. Go there and you’ll find the “Camped on the Way to Claw’s Strike” collectible.


6. This Skyshard isn’t hard to find, it is on top of a cliff that you should climb for the great view anyway. It’s close to Thormar to the southwest of the Rawl’kha settlement in Southern Reaper’s March. The riddle for this shard is “Hidden by a less subtle blade”.


7. The “Dune’s Arcane Beacon” Skyshard is located to the east of Dune Wayshrine and inside Dune Settlement. You’ll have to be on the “The Fires Of Dune” Quest in order to enter the Mage’s Guild, as the shard is on the second floor’s balcony.


8. To get the “Mara’s Devout Frets in View” Skyshard head to the northern region of the Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine area, there’s a stone wall next to the road leading to Fort Sphinxmoth, and this is where you’ll find this shard.


9. To get this Skyshard, simply head to the Northwest of Sren-ja Wayshrine and go to the camp icon near it which is the Thrizzrini Arena – you have to go to the northern Thizzrini Arena to find the shard behind some stones.


10. To get the “Growling, beastly gladiators prowl” you should move to the south of Arenthia and the wayshrine. There’s a solo dungeon named Kuna’s Delve there and you should enter it, as the collectible is inside. The largest cave room is defended by the NPC Slaughterer and holds the shard, and you’ll have to kill the defender to absorb the item.


11. This Skyshard is to the east of Vinedusk Wayshrine in Thibaut’s Cairn, the solo dungeon. There are a lot of lvl38 Skeletons in this dungeon and the shard is located in the first dungeon room, right by the end of it.


12. The “Awash in Tears Undergroun” Skyshard is to the east of Willowgrove Wayshrine to the south of Hadran’s Caravan. Enter the Solo Dungeon named “Weeping Win Cave” and find the shard inside water, close to some stones in the first large cave room.


13. To get this Skyshard you’re going to enter the Claw’s Strike solo dungeon which is to the south of Vinedusk Wayshrine. The first room is the room that holds the shard, it is right next to the room’s southeast corner and it is behind a stone column.


14. “The folly is in passing through quickly” Skyshard is inside the Fardir’s Folly solo dungeon, in norther Fort Sphinxmoth. The shard is pretty easy to find once you are inside the dungeon because it is at the end of the first platform you’ll find before the first set of stairs.


15. This shard is located inside the Jode’s Light solo dungeon on the Eastern Central Reaper’s March. You’ll have to cut through some level 41 mobs to get to it, but you’ll find it once you step inside the southeastern cave room.


16. For the “Far Beneath a Foul Manor” Skyshard you’ll have to go to a public dungeon to the northwest of Fort Grimwatch – the dungeon is called “Vile Manse”.

Once you step in the dungeon, know that it is a great place to power level since the drops and experience there is overpowered. The Skyshard is not inside the first area, but in the second underground area, so you’ll have to jump into the drop. When you do get to the second underground level you should turn to your right and walk to a dead end, because that’s where the collectible will be.


That’s all of the Reaper’s March Skyshard locations, so go ahead and jump to the next one!

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