Glenumbra Skyshard Locations And Map

Glenumbra Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Glenumbra Skyshard Locations
Glenumbra Skyshard Locations

Glenumbra Skyshard Locations

1. The “Guarding Daggerfall’s Eastern Gates” Skyshard almost doesn’t deserve a tip: it’s outside Daggerfall’s East Gate”¦ surprise, surprise”¦


2. Same can be said of the “Before Dresan’s Headless Sentinel” Skyshard, which is located on Dresan Keep’s courtyard.


3. The “Search Amongst the Shrieks” Skyshard is located in Glenumbra Valley, more on the southern part of it – the shard is close to the Remly brothers – you’ll actually be looking for these brothers if you take the quest “The Dagger’s Edge”.


4. The “Westtry’s Dead Slept Underneath” shard is located on a crypt in Westry, a ghost town.


5. This collectible, which is riddled “Far Behind the Elf-Haters’ Lines” can be found above a door that connects you to an instanced area -inside Glenumbra Moors!


6. This skyshard is next to a bridge, right inside South Hag Fen – brainlessly easy to find and insanely hard to miss.


7. “Where Vines Strangle The Sleeping Dead” will take you inside Cath Bedraud – the collectible is next to caskets that have been recently dug up.


8. The “Close to Finding the Kings” Skyshard can be obtained by traveling to the hill outside the Tomb of Lost Kings, the hill is located to the southside and is visible when you get the quest from Lady Laurent.


9. This one can be found in a quarry to the north of Crosswych – it’s on the scaffolding.


10. The “A Tower Explored is Ilessenn learned” shard is inside the Ilessan Tower Public Dungeon – you’ll have to defeat the dungeon’s boss to grab a hold of the collectible.


11. The “Near Silumm’s Well on Daggerfall Shores” Skyshard is located inside the Silumm public dungeon, which is locate to the west of Gelnumbra. The collectible can be absorbe if you go to the northeast corner of the dungeon.


12. Travel to the Mines of Khuras dungeon for this skyshard. The collectible sits close to the dungeon’s exit, but you’ll have to climb a wooden thing to get to the storage area that has it.


13. The “Behind a Wall to Enduum All” Skyshard is inside the solo instance named Enduum and can be found in the first large room – it’s behind a wall in the northwestern part of the zone.


14. Get in the Ebon Crypt solo dungeon – it has its entrance marked on the map above – and as soon as you enter the caves’ section of it, you’ll see the skyshard glittering. It’s riddle is “Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves” – pretty fit, don’t you think?


15. This one will have you go inside the Cryptwatch Fort Solo Dungeon, again the entrance is marked on the map, and you’ll have to kill Valenwe the NPC because the shard is next to it – it is also required if you want to finish the dungeon.


16. Finally, the “In the Roots of the Hallows” Skyshard can be found inside the Bad Man’s Hallows public dungeon, in one of the passages on the underground cave-like area of the dungeon. Again, the entrance is pinpointed on the map above.


That’s all of the Glenumbra Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online. Proceed to the next one!

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