Aldmeri Dominion

[quote]Now is our time, the Imperial City has fallen leaving the Empire at stake for the races of man to take.[/quote]

The High Elves see an opportunity to finally take control of the Empire as they see fit. They’ve called upon the Khajiit and Bosmer to help aid them in their battle against the defying factions and growing forces of Molag Bal. The Bosmer joined without hesitation due to invading Colovian Imperials burning down their once great forests stretching their forces thin. The Khajiit, worn from their own battles with the invading Imperial, have also joined forces with the High Elves for a chance at the Imperial City. The determination that fuels the Aldmeri Dominion is not a force to be underestimated, all who oppose should take heed.


Altmer in The Elder Scrolls Online

Altmer, also known as High Elves, are a seemingly arrogant race of elves who have mastered the schools of magicka. Among the longest living races of Nirn they’ve claimed Summerset Isle their home for many centuries. Although masters of the arcane arts the Altmer also have a weakness to them, making them vulnerable to fire, frost and shock. Bosmer - The Elder Scrolls OnlineBosmer, the Elven race of Valenwood, are one with nature and live in harmony with wild creatures. They’re agile and quick making them well suited for a variety of different professions such as scouts and thieves. Creators of the “bow”, Wood Elves are the best archers in all of Tamriel helping them to remain silent in combat.
Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls OnlineKhajiit, the cat-like beast race of Elsweyr, are fierce warriors and agile acrobats, but lack skills in the arcane arts. Often looked down upon by the other races, the Khajiit tend to be outcasts in any society and often time resort to thievery to make ends meet. This bigotry has made the Khajiit self-sufficient and inevitably proud. [/one_third_last]


Summerset Isle - The Elder Scrolls OnlineSummerset Isle, also known as Alinor to the Aldmeri Dominion, is the island to the Southwest of mainland Tamriel. Not much is known about the geography of Summerset Isle, it is said the isles around Alinor contain misty woodlands, pastors and lagoons. The architecture comes in a wide variety from natural structures created from vines themselves to ancient coral. Summerset is undoubtedly full of magic and mystery.

Valenwood - The Elder Scrolls OnlineValenwood is the province to the South of Cyrodiil and just to the West of Elsweyr. Covered in dense rain forests and woodlands, Valenwood is home to all kinds of creatures. One of Valenwood’s most unusual features are its mile-high migratory trees containing entire cities itself. Valenwood has been described as “A sea of endless green, a maze of foliage with half-hidden cities growing like blooms from a flower,…” in A Pocket Guide to the Empire.

Elsweyr - The Elder Scrolls OnlineElsweyr is located to the South of Cyrodiil and to the East of Valenwood making up the Southern coast of Tamriel. Most of Elsweyr is covered in badlands not fit for most creatures except for the South which is home to lush jungles. Elsweyr isn’t home to many cities and most settlements in this province are no more than simple villages.

The Aldmeri Dominion is the youngest of the three factions in Tamriel. It was founded by the Altmer of Summerset Isle in the wake of the fallen Empire to once again enforce Elven rule over Tamriel. The Bosmer and Khajiit joined the alliance in an almost desperate attempt to defend their lands from the Imperial invaders with the assistance of others.

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