Grahtwood Skyshard Locations And Map

Grahtwood Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Grahtwood Skyshard Locations
Grahtwood Skyshard Locations

Grahtwood Skyshard Locations

1. Walk to the east of the Mages Guild house. It’s in Haven Settlement, it’s the first settlement you’ll encounter in Grahtwood and there are a lot of enemies near the shard, the “Granted Safe Haven by the Mages” Skyshard is located on the northwest of Haven, on the ground, right besides a wall of the Mages Guild House.


2. “The Shrine of the South Leads North” Skyshard is located just above (north) of the Southpoint Wayshrine and it lays around pretty close to the main road, hidden behind some trees and rocks.


3. The building that is mentioned in the Skyshard’s riddle “Cooling off on the way to the Tower” is the Mundus Stone that sits near the shard. Get the item by going to the edge of a small pond nearby – thus the cooling off”


4. The “Where the road to the root is an isle” Skyshard is located at central Grahtwood, right on the southeastern of Elden Root – it literally is an island, a small one, but one indeed.


5. When you get to the Elden Root Temple Wayshrine you should head west of that and turn north at the first intersection. You’ll have to climb a small hill and be careful not to fall.


6. The “Spotted from a treehouse vantage” Skyshard is in the east of the road to Karthdar, right before the intersection with the main road north of Elden Root. If you stand next to the NPC Afwa you can see it at a distance.


7. The Skyshard is on a platform made of wood, right next to the entrance towards the Abandoned Iron Mine. There’s a troll there who also guards the book “Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era”.


8. This one is located to the west of Falinesti Winer Wayshrine, on western Grahtwood. The Skyshard which riddles you with “Among ancient words in the stones” is on an arch surrounded island.


9. The Skyshard is to the southwest of Elden root in central Grahtwood and you have to approach the main road from the northwest of the shard’s location. There’s a lorebook there too.


10. The “Where Covenant Forces pour forth” Skyshard is located to the north of the Gray Mire Wayshrine. Search the northern part of the last room in the public dungeon of Ne Salas.


11. The Skyshard is in the second largest cave room in a corner, right inside the public dungeon called “The Scuttle Pit”.


12. The “Six-Legged Thunder Invades” Skyshard collectible is located inside Burroot Kwama Mine, yet another public dungeon. It’s inside the biggest cave room protected by Stormhead the Ravenous, a strong mob.


13. Go to the Vinedeath Cave Public Dungeon and get to the room in the far southeast. The collectible is not covered up and it’s pretty easy to spot and absorb.


14. The “Stolen Starlight in Wormy Depths” Skyshard is located inside another public dungeon, this time it’s Wormroot Depths. The first large room is where the skyshard lies, right by the corner of it.


15. The public dungeon Mobar Mine holds this Skyshard, specifically on a platform that stands in the largest room of the dungeon.


16. This one is inside the public dungeon Root Sunder Ruins, which is depicted as a torch icon in the map. This is a popular place for people wanting to power level, as the EXP and Loot are overpowered. The shard is located in the southwestern part of the dungeon between a column and the dungeon’s wall.


These are all of the Grahtwood Skyshard locations – Catch them!

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