Stormhaven Skyshard Locations And Map

Stormhaven Skyshard locations with detailed map and directions. Find all the Skyshards and gain Skill points faster in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Stormhaven Skyshard Locations
Stormhaven Skyshard Locations

Stormhaven Skyshard Locations

  1. Koeglin’s crown.

Taking the road from Glenumbra, when you arrive stormhaven, keep walking on the road till you find the shard on your left.


  1. Top the stairs of Newgate.

Northern west of Stormhaven, there is a gate that moves you to rivenspire, the Skyshard is right there.


  1. Next to the henge of Nightmare Crag.

Move to Nightmare Crag, above it there is a Stonehenge, walk to the south Corner of the stones; you will find your skyshard shining.

This place is a destination in the quest labelled “Rozenn’s Dream”

  1. The foot of Wind Keep’s falls.

If you Notice, Aphren’s Hold has two rivers on each side, keep walking alongside of one of the rivers until you reach the origin of them rivers, You will see a waterfall right North of Wind keep, this is where you will find your skyshard.


  1. Before a breach in Aphren’s wall.

In the ruins of Aphren’s Hold, there is a waterfall that creates a stream to the Lake next to Dro’dara Plantation wayshrine, if you climb the stairs, you will Notice the Skyshard shining.


  1. At the top of the soulless tower.

Reach the Soulshriven tower and Climb to the Top-most of it, to reach it start going south of Soulshriven wayshrine, when you climb up, you will find an amazing view and you will earn 1/3 of a skill point.


  1. In the monster’s pantry.

Find Scrag’s Larder, he is the Group boss Marker at the Eastren of the map. When you walk around Scrag’s Larder, you will encounter some ogres, Kill them and you will find a small pathway leading in between the rocks, you will notice the skyshard shining.


  1. Where the giant’s tears fall.

Northern of the Weeping Giant Point of Interest ( it has a broken tower symbol on the map),

Also Northern of the Weeping Giant Wayshrine, there is waterfall that has stairs going up, reach the bottom of that waterfall, climb up the stairs, you will find the skyshard on some wooden boards.


  1. Camped in sight of the eastern gate.

Bangkorai is located at the east most of the Map, in there is a group boss Named “ Zymel Kruz” ( he is a skull icon on the map), Taking the road and upon reaching the Ancient altar Point of Interest, you will stumble upon the skyshard.

The Collectible is right between the tents Climb some stairs northern of the road that reaches Bangkorai.


10. Delve deep with the bear’s claw.

Reach Shinji’s Scrap and face southeast, you will see the entrance to Bearclaw Mine Dungeon ( It is marked on the Map)

After finishing the last boss and upon exiting, the Collectible will be on your right.


11. Locked behind Farangel’s iron bars.

Head to Soulshriven wayshrine, move south, you will find the entrance to Farangel’s delve dungeon, inside Move halfway through the dungeon, when you find some metal pieces, move closer and collect your collectible.

12. Mine your manners outside Steelheart.

On the big map, there is a mark of the entrance of Koeglin Mine dungeon, right before you encounter the last boss, go right, you will find the collectible, watch out because you can Miss it as it is not on the way to the last boss.

13. Explore the ruins north of Wind’s Keep.

A little Bit northeast of the Wind Keep, you will find an entrance to Norvulk Ruins Dungeon, the shard is right in an alcove inside the first Room you get into.

14. Comb the abbey’s catacombs.

South Pariah Abbey is the Entrance to Pariah Catacombs Dungeon, in the Northern west area in a place that looks like a cave, move closer to the end of the dungeon , you will find the shard shining from your right.


15. West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower.

Inside a tower that is so close to the southern wall of Fireband Keep, there is an entrance to a dungeon named Portdun watch. On the Map you can find the entrance and on the screenshots you can see where to find the skyshard.


16. Explore the ruins of broken marrow.

Gather up your sidekicks as this Solo Dungeon is a little bit tricky and hard to do alone, after fighting the Mini bosses inside the Bonesnap Ruins Dungeon, the Final boss is Kind of fun to kill, on the interactive map you can find the entrance to the dungeon, and the exact location of the skyshard is marked on the screenshot below (west most of the dungeon, beyond a pull of mobs).

This marks the end of the Stormhaven Skyshard locations in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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