Game: Sons of the Forest

Building Component, Weapon
Max Carried:
Used in construction — generally for reinforcing structures, and to create paths. Can be stored in Rock Holders.
Can be used as a weapon, but this is inadvisable, as it isn’t particularly strong or quick to swing.

Rocks are found all over the island — just look down! They are particularly abundant (and easy to find) on beaches.

where to find rocks sons of the forest wiki entry
  • Stone Path

  • Hunting Shelter
    • Rock x7
    • Stick x6
    • Log x5

  • Bone Maker Trap
    • Rock x3
    • Stick x2
    • Rope x1
    • Leaf x3
    • Vodka Bottle x1

  • Fly Swatter Trap
    • Rock x3
    • Stick x10
    • Rope x1
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