The Outer Worlds DLC Update 2020

Hello there, fellow The Outer Worlds fans!
Just like you, we are eagerly anticipating the game’s official expansion scheduled for 2020!

Following the game’s nomination for multiple categories at The Game Awards, Obsidian made an official announcement on its forums on December 13, 2019.
The post was intended to be a Thank-You to the loyal and excited fans of the game for their loud support, but it also brought them some wonderful news.

According to the announcement, Obsidian’s lauded creation is going to get a story-based expansion sometime in 2020, and developers will be sharing more details at a later date.

The best prediction that the fanbase was able to make is that The Outer Worlds’ DLC could give us more answers to the Earth’s mysterious and potentially dark fate (no more spoilers here.) Share your predictions with us in the comments!

The Outer Worlds was nominated for Best Narrative, Best Performance (Ashly Burch), Best RPG, and Game of the Year awards.
Despite the game’s incredible reception by its fans, Obsidian didn’t win any of the nominations, losing to such titles as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Disco Elysium.

Nonetheless, the team at Obsidian sincerely appreciated the nominations, stating that even that alone “means a lot” to them.

Why are these news significant?
The Outer Worlds became an model for polished characters and story-writing since its release.
This was the case not only in contrast to Bethesda’s infamous experiment with Fallout 76 and in similarity to Obsidian’s highly acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas under Bethesda (even though the gamer community had a lot of comments against Bethesda’s history with Obsidian in that regard), but in general comparison to the recent trends in the industry. There is no doubt that Obsidian’s approach will heavily contribute to the long-ongoing discussion about the balance of graphics, mechanics, and storytelling in game design.

Those players who found a true appreciation for The Outer Worlds‘ immersive, quirky, and fun setting were quick to start cries of celebration in the forum discussion, complemented with many ideas for updated game content. We join them in this celebration, and we extend this invitation to you:
Are you as excited for The Outer Worlds’ upcoming DLC as all of the SAM units come lean, mean, and ready to clean?


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