The Ice Palace – The Outer Worlds

The Ice Palace is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. It automatically starts on the Groundbreaker after finishing Space-Crime Continuum. This quest will send you to satellite HRS-1084 to clear the station of automechanicals and override the system. Finishing this side quest will allow you to start the last quest of the faction, The Chimerist’s Last Experiment.


  1. This side quest will automatically begin after finishing Space-Crime Continuum. You can pick it up by speaking to Lilya Hagen in the SubLight office on Groundbreaker.
    The Outer Worlds The Ice Palace Lilya Hagen
  2. You’ll now need to head to the abandoned Heliospheric Research Station 1084. The station seems to be powered down – ADA almost missed its docking signal. We will need to power it up before you can access the sealed doors. Enter the station and head left, and then through the door on the left again. Mind the mines on the ground.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Powered Down
  3. In the dining area there is a UDL Identity Cartridge on one of the chairs. Pick it up and head down the stairs towards a terminal guarded by one more mine.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 UDL Cartridge
  4. Interact with the terminal and modify generator to operate in the normal mode. (No, you can’t repair the toilet and someone already put that request in 991 days ago.) ADA will contact you through the system and tell you that a UDL ship has docked with the station. Once the Corporate Commander starts the communication you can pass a medium persuade check to get her to stand down, provided you have done The Demolished Woman for the Board. Alternatively, if you picked up that UDL ID Cartridge, you can Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate (~55) to convince Commander to leave all the same. The Commander will offer to turn on the station security systems just to be careful, but you can Intimidate or Persuade for ~35 to convince the Commander to undock without powering on the automechanicals. If you can’t get any of the options above persuasion will be a bit harder, but you can still bribe her.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Corporate Commander
  5. Now go back upstairs. If you didn’t fully convince the Commander earlier, you will have to kill some automechanicals as you travel around. You can make things easier for yourself if you head through the second door on your left once you enter the Restricted Area and hack into the terminal with medium skill.
  6. Head to the southeast corner, to a door close to where you have originally entered this area upon arrival. If you used the tip under #5, it would be directly in front of you when you exit the room with the terminal, across the warehouse floor, next to the glowing “UDL”. The room will have a safe and a terminal.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Terminal with a Safe
  7. Pick up the Blank UDL Keycard next to the safe. Use the terminal to encode the keycard to obtain the Electrical Control Room Keycard.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Electrical Control Room Keycard
  8. Follow along the eastern wall when you exit the room. Once you see the “Mind Your Head” sign on the wall, enter the doors and head down the stairs. Make sure to avoid the mines. Eventually you’ll come across a door that can be opened with the keycard you just made. Enter the room and interact with the terminal to power down the electrical floor in room next to the one you are standing inside.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Electro-floor 3000 Terminal
  9. Go through the other door to enter the living quarters. Feel free to loot anything here (albeit it’s mostly a few consumables and some ammo) and then head inside the main room. If you followed any of our suggested ways of powering them down you shouldn’t have any issues here. Still, a companion might point out that the human test subjects are still alive. If you read the logs posted around you will learn about the critical conditions of the subjects under suspension.
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Human Subjects
  10. Now take the stairs up to the office with a terminal. Use it. Read about the experiments being performed and modify systems access protocols by inserting the SubLight Override Cartridge. When you’re done, you can leave the station. (You can unlock personal quarters with lockpick 100 or with hack 65 through the terminal.)
    The Outer Worlds HRS-1048 Password Terminal
  11. Ellie will rush you to get your cut before Lilya realizes the condition in which the station is in, but will also note that you have heard about Chartrand in Cascadia. Return to Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker. You will have a choice regarding what to tell her about your findings and what happened with the UDL gunship. You can intimidate her into a higher payment with 100. You can now get The Chimerist’s Last Experiment from her.
    The Outer Worlds The Ice Palace Lilya Hagen Turning the Quest In
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