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Foundation is a main quest in the game that is necessary for progression towards the Board ending. However, it is not mandatory for everyone and will only be prompted if you made a specific choices during Comes Now the Power. Still, this quest is fairly quick and just requires you to kill the citizens and then some mechanicals in Edgewater for Sophia Akande. You can’t refuse the task if you plan on working with the Board. Completing the quest will allow you to progress the Board questline towards the first quest in the final chapter of the game, Kept Secret But Not Forgotten.


  1. The quest will be assigned to you if you make a specific choice during the quest: Comes Now the Power – you’ll need to have chosen to remove Reed Tobson from Edgewater. Sophia will give you the task after you finish Signal Point in Space. Alternatively, you can get the quest by completing the Lost Signal sidequest while doing The City and the Stars. Alternatively, the quest will ask you to destroy the rebels’ hideout using the same method. This guide will proceed with the assumption that you replaced Reed’s leadership with Adelaide, but the steps will be nearly identical for if you need to eliminate the rebels at their hideout.
    The Outer Worlds Sophia Akande The Foundation
  2. After getting the quest from Sophia Akande, head to the Edgewater Landing Pad. From here, head to the Geothermal Power Plant, where the Spacer’s Choice workers are investigating the automechanical incident behind the electric bars. Head inside through the hole in the fence.
    The Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Hole in the Fence
  3. Go inside the plant and talk to Captain Hogarth. You can either pass a high persuade/lie check (75) or choose to fight your way through the plant (if you end the conversation and talk to Captain again, the check threshold might drop by 10).
    The Outer Worlds Captain Hogarth The Foundation
  4. If you remember how, make your way to the fifth floor to find the Automechanical Control Terminal (you would know where this is if you chose to modify the automechanical behavior during Comes Now the Power, you can check out our guide for that quest). Otherwise, the quest marker should point you to floor five terminal following an overhead bridge.
    The Outer Worlds The Foundation Geothermal Plant Control Terminal
  5. At the terminal, select the option to Run Termination Protocol. It doesn’t matter whether they attack the citizens or themselves.
    The Outer Worlds The Foundation Run Termination Protocol
  6. Once you run the protocol, leave the plant and return to Edgewater. In Edgewater, begin killing all the mechanicals in the area. There are roughly 10 or so there that you’ll need to eliminate. Once you finish killing all of the automechanicals in Edgewater, head back to Byzantium.
    The Outer Worlds The Foundation Edgewater Empty
  7. In Byzantium, head to Sophia Akande to finish up Foundation. You will enter the final stages of the story with Kept Secret But Not Forgotten.
    The Outer Worlds Turning In The Foundation Sophia Akande
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