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Space-Crime Continuum is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. It starts on the Groundbreaker from Lilya Hagen. The quest takes place in Stellar Bay and has you explore Rizzo’s Secret Laboratory to steal the Alta-Vitae gas. You’ll need to kill several Mantisuars within the lab as you reach the end and siphon the gas. We highly suggest you keep Ellie or Nyoka and SAM, Max, or Parvati around for this mission – they can assist you in moments of need and will give you some flavor dialog. After completing this quest you will be able to start The Ice Palace.


  1. You can start this quest after you acquire the Navkey to Stellar Bay, either from Gladys or through the Board. The Space-Crime Continuum can be acquired by talking to Lilya Hagen inside the SubLight Salvage and Shipping on the Groundbreaker. Head to the second floor of the warehouse, chat with Tobias for him to open the door for you, and accept Lilya’s job to obtain Alta-Vitae gas from Monarch.
    The Outer Worlds Lilya Hagen Space-Crime Continuum
  2. If you already found the corpse in Stellar Bay, you can let Hagen know to skip this step. Otherwise, head to Monarch and explore the area behind the Saltuna Warehouse, around the loading dock. There, you’ll find a corpse that you need to loot for the Bloody Note to progress the quest.
    The Outer Worlds Space-Crime Continuum Bloody Note
  3. Now head to Fallbrook (you will have access to their landing pad after accepting the quest). Speak to Mortimer Bell when you get there – you can ask where Catherine Malin is. Since you will also need Catherine for the Errors Unseen and might want Zora’s Executive Review from Rizzo’s ruins for Canid’s Cradle, this is a good quest to progress along with the main questline (Radio Free Monarch or Signal Point in Space). You can also pick up Catherine’s Slaughterhouse Clive, which isn’t too far from the the Rizzo’s ruins.
  4. Speak to Catherine at the Ante Up and assure her that you can fix the situation. You have the option to have Ellie drug the marauders through the ventilation system or get Nyoka to handle the mantisaurs. Parvati’s Engineering, meanwhile, can help you get gas onto your ship – you can get Vicar Max or SAM to help you out with that as well. Assemble your team of choice and head to Cascadia.
    The Outer Worlds Catherine Malin Space-Crime Continuum
  5. Trake the road to the west, past the Abandoned Safehouse, past the Boarst Factory, and past the Turnpike until you reach Cascadia itself. Enter Rizzo’s ruins from the side or through a hall in the wall to the left. (You can lockpick the main gate with 100 in the skill.)
    The Outer Worlds Cascadia Rizzo's Ruins
  6. Once you are in, navigate a little north within the ruins, following your quest mark, until you enter what seems to be a former general store. Interact with the terminal inside and initiate Supervisor Override. Enter the passcode you discovered for Catherine from the Bloody Note and take the elevator that will open right next to the staircase. (If you’re also completing the Canid’s Cradle, search the town to pick up Zora’s Executive Review from a terminal inside one of the larger buildings.)
    The Outer Worlds Rizzo's Secret Lab Entrance 1
    The Outer Worlds Rizzo's Secret Lab Entrance 2
  7. Now transition to the Rizzo’s Secret Laboratory. You can lockpick your way towards the terminal (75) (you can then skip this step, if you want), or enter the only other available door. If you do, one of the automechanicals will ask you for an ID, but you can pass a medium lie check to avoid fighting them. Alternatively, if SAM is in your party he will override the automechanical’s security protocol. The automechanical will warn you about Mantisaurs ahead.
    The Outer Worlds Space-Crime Continuum Automechanical
  8. Go through the door to your left and interact with the terminal. Signal ADA to Land on the Cascadia Pad. Unfortunately, you can’t interact with the fuel controls until you get to another terminal further into the lab.
    The Outer Worlds Rizzo's Secret Lab Terminal
  9. Take the bars off of the door to your left, head inside the chamber with the overhead fan, and then further into the hallway with many doors. First option you have is to fight through all of the monsters until you get to the terminal. You can lockpick the second door to your right (35) and get a flamethrower to head into the chamber infested with mantisaurs, inside of a chamber full of explosive and acid barrels, which you can use to your advantage. You will have to continue fighting through all of the chambers with the terminals (see #11).
    The Outer Worlds Space Crime Continuum Rizzo's Secret Lab Mantisaurs
  10. If you continue going forward instead, you will encounter a series of mines and lasers you can disable with a ranged weapon. You will be able to get through to the terminal that controls central airflow either if you have 100 in lockpicking or if you fight through some automechanicals and dodge a few beams of hot steam (which is not as easy as it sounds, remember to cower). When you get there, Ellie will offer to drop oxygen to a level that is lethal to mantisaurs. Now you can head into the west wing of the lab and get to all of the terminals safely.
    The Outer Worlds Space-Crime Continuum Ellie
  11. The first terminal you need is up one of the ladders in the first room infested with mantisaurs, next to the assortment of Rizzo’s flavors. Use this terminal to align the fueling system. You will not be able to transfer the gas just yet.
    The Outer Worlds Rizzo's Secret Lab Terminal 1
  12. Head through two more chambers, one with the lab equipment and a preserved body of a scientist, and another with the Mantiqueen that has stairs leading up to the authorized control room with the elevator leading out of the lab. Use the terminal here to connect storage tanks to the landing pad. You’ll need to pass 40 in Engineering to reconfigure the system or 60 in hack to override safety protocols (that’s what you needed Vicar, SAM, or Parvati for) or choose to overload the regulators.
    The Outer Worlds Rizzo's Secret Lab Terminal 2
  13. Now take the lift to leave the are through the Constable’s Office. However, if you are interested in picking up the Mind Control Ray science weapon, find the platform shaft out of the control room and find a way up to find the gun inside the safe. Once you’re out, return to the Unreliable (that is now parked in Cascadia) and head to the SubLight office at the Groundbreaker. Speak to Lilya Hagen to finish up the quest – she will be happy if you helped Catherine with her other tasks, too. You can Persuade her for 100 if you want even more of the reward. You can now start the next quest, The Ice Palace.
    The Outer Worlds Lilya Hagen Space-Crime Continuum


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