The Chimerist’s Last Experiment – The Outer Worlds

The Chimerist’s Last Experiment is a SubLight faction quest in The Outer Worlds. You can start it on the Groundbreaker immediately after completing The Ice Palace. During the quest you’ll need to go to Dr. Eva Chartrand’s lab and kill her or have her work for one of the two main factions. This is the final faction side quest and your decision should align with the game ending you’re aiming for.


  1. This side quest will begin with Lilya Hagen inside the SubLight office after finishing The Ice Palace, unless you refuse to help. Lilya will make a conclusion that your findings so far mean that Dr. Chartrand, a talented researcher, is allied with aliens and trying to alter humans. She will understand that it’s hard for you to believe her, but she wants your help in dealing with Eva Chartrand in a swift manner.
    The Outer Worlds Chartrand Conspiracy
  2. You already have the keycard to her front door. Go to Byzantium and access Dr. Chartrand’s House – it is located in the Estate District, on the west side, address 800.
    The Outer Worlds The Chimerist's Last Experiment Eva Chartrand Estate
  3. Use the terminal inside the dining room and read Chartrand’s logs, if you’d like. Make the option of unsealing the entrance to the laboratory.
    The Outer Worlds Chartrand's Terminal Unseal Entrance
  4. Open the double doors and take the elevator down. Exit the elevator and talk to Dr. Eva Chartrand. Pass an easy lie check or share what you already know to get her to tell you what she’s been doing. If you saw Chairman’s message before, either through Sophia or Phineas’s questline, this will be supplemental information for you. You have three options to end the quest. You can either kill her or ask her to work with Phineas or the Board. You can ask your companions for their opinions.
    The Outer Worlds Dr. Eva Chartrand Decision
  5. Killing her is fairly straightforward, albeit there are also Corporate guards you will have to take out. Once she’s dead, you can return to the Groundbreaker and talk to Lilya to finish up the quest. The Board reputation will decrease by about 30% if you clear the lab. Back at the Groundbreaker Lilya will be delighted and will promote you to the position of a Vice President. Catherine will leave you a note and you will get a SubLight Salvage Poster. Your work with SubLight will be over.
    The Outer Worlds The Chimerist's Last Experiment SubLight Ending
  6. Should you want her to work with Phineas, just mention this to her. She will agree immediately. The guard will be less happy with the arrangement. You will need to use Persuade 100, bribe for a good number of bits (~3240), or remind him that you work for Sophia, if you do. Your reputation with the Board will decrease a little bit. Lilya will be unhappy with you, she will fire you, and your reputation with SubLight will decrease. You will still have the SubLight Salvage Poster in your captain’s quarters.
  7. If you want her to work with the Board, you’ll need to have a good reputation with them. This is possible by completing Sophia’s questline. You’ll know if you have enough standing if the option is available. You’ll also need to convince the guard to stand down here, with the options similar to #6. You will get a similar ending to that one as well.
    The Outer Worlds The Chimerist's Last Experiment Spare Chartrand
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