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Pay for the Printer is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. You can get it in Amber Heights from Graham Bryant after finishing The Commuter. As a part of this quest you’ll need to explore Terra One Publications and activate the printer rollers. Finishing it is a requirement for two main story quests, Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space.


  1. Leave the building and head northwest, up the bridge where the ARMS building is located (which you went into for the BOLT with His Name quest), and then further west from there to find the Terra One Publications building (you will probably have to fight down quite a few marauders while you travel there). Kill the hostiles in the area to find August and May Van Noy twins. From them you will learn that their medic is missing while some of their people still need medical assistance.
    The Outer Worlds Pay for the Printer May Van Noy
  2. Head toward the building and kill the attacking Raptidons, but as you climb the hill, follow the path to your right to find the corpse of the medic. Kill the Raptidon Colossi nearby. Loot his corpse for the Trauma Kit and a unique Long Gun (Euthanasia Kit).
    The Outer Worlds Pay for the Printer Medic
  3. Head back down the hill and speak with May Van Noy to tell her what happened.
    The Outer Worlds Reporting Dead Medic to May Van Noy
  4. Now you can go inside the building straight up on the hill through either the front or the side door to look for the printing press. Prepare to fight numerous Raptidons – a flamethrower might not be a bad idea. Fight your way through the first floor until you find an eastern door guarded by a Raptidon Colossus. Kill it and make your way up to the 2nd floor.
    The Outer Worlds Pay for the Printer Printing Press Door Upstairs
  5. Then, enter the room with two windows that look out over the printing press. Use the terminal and install rollers.
    The Outer Worlds Pay for the Printer Printing Press Install Rollers
  6. Once you’re finished, leave the building and head back to Amber Heights. Enter the main building again. Speak with Graham on the second floor and finish up the last side quest. Even though the situation is escalating, Graham will promise to stop broadcasting for now.
    The Outer Worlds Turning In Pay for the Printer Graham
  7. Zora will ask to have a word with you. If you wish, you can talk to her to get the Sucker Bait, which you’ll need to compete if you plan on forging an alliance between the Iconoclasts and MSI. (The location Zora will send you to is not far from the tower, and it won’t require much investigating or fighting. Besides, the information you will find there is pretty interesting.)
    The Outer Worlds Sucker Bait
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