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BOLT with His Name is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. It starts with Sanjar in Stellar Bay and takes place in the Monarch Wilderness. During the quest you’ll need to locate the ARMS Building to find the BOLT-52 Cartridge. Finishing this side quest is required to complete two main story quests in the game: Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space (Phineas’s and Sophia’s variations on what is essentially the same main story quest.)


  1. After finishing with Nyoka, head through the south gates. You should already have the quest BOLT with His Name from Sanjar during the first part of Radio Free Monarch.
  2. First we will need the key to the ARMS building (this step is optional if you are meet requirements outlined in the step #7, and you probably do). Head to the settlement right outside the Stellar Bay’s gates – take the first bridge you step out on when exiting south, around, and to the second bridge northwest (you’ll need to fight through some raptidons as you go).
    The Outer Worlds BLOT with His Name ARMS Key
  3. Head to the head of the northwest bridge. You know you have reached your destination when you face off a Raptidon Behemoth. Once it’s dead, loot the Iconoclast body nearby to acquire the ARMS Building Key.
    The Outer Worlds Iconoclast Corpse ARMS Key
  4. Turn away from the bridge and enter the larger building of the two nearby.
    The Outer Worlds ARMS Building
  5. Enter the building and use the terminal. Read the executive reports on it (you will now understand why Sanjar wanted it gone – he was never chosen for promotion out of the three available MSI candidates). You can now either delete the contents as requested or leave them be.
    The Outer Worlds Bold with His Name Terminal
  6. When you’re finished looting, go upstairs and head toward the locked door upstairs. Speak with Huxley through the intercom.
    The Outer Worlds Huxley Intercom
  7. Now you’ll need to open the door. If you hint that the door should open from the inside, you can either pass a low perception/engineering check, a medium intimidate/persuade check, lockpick the door for 100 if you haven’t taken the key, or use the key you looted from the Iconoclast outside the building.
    The Outer Worlds Huxley Intercom Engineering Perception
  8. Speak with Huxley (you can ask for a reward, if you’d like). She will recognize Nyoka if she is with you. Make sure to loot the items in the room for the BOLT-52 Cartridge.
    The Outer Worlds Huxley
  9. When you’re done, leave the building and return to Stellar Bay. Speak with Sanjar in his office and tell him what you found. (He will get rather emotional about the information you found at the terminal, should you choose to bring that up. You can cheer him up a little if you compliment his efforts despite the review he was given.) Give him the BOLT-52 Cartridge to finish up the quest.
    The Outer Worlds Sanjar Terminal Secrets
  10. Advance the dialogue to learn that Sanjar thinks that one of the corporations is operating on Monarch illegally (and that he wants to leverage that to get reinstated with the Board). This will give you the next quest, Errors Unseen.
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen
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