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The Commuter is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. It can be started from Graham Bryant in Amber Heights. This short quest will take you to the Bayside Terrace Warehouse to find Carlotta and acquire the Printer Press Parts. Finishing this side quest is needed for two main story quests, Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space.


  1. You can get The Commuter after you get to the Amber Heights. To do that, go to the crossroads that split between the blown bridge and the lower path with sulfur pools. You are interested in the north point of that split, a small settlement in that area should be depicted on your map (pretty much midway between Fallbrook and Stellar Bay). The gates will read, “Amber Heights.” (If you took A Family Matter sidequest, you can use that quest marker to navigate you).
    The Outer Worlds Amber Heights
  2. Rose will greet you inside (you can ask her about Tucker, if you have A Family Matter). Enter the building behind the one you are facing when you enter – right up the hill, it’s a two-story building, largest in the settlement. Graham and Zora will be discussing a failed mission upstairs until Graham notices your presence. Speak to Graham to explain to him that the radio transmissions are not effective towards his cause, inspire a new idea of using a printing press within him, and to get the first quest – The Commuter.
    The Outer Worlds Graham Bryant
  3. If you want, you can leave the building and enter the nearest one next to it, with tents in front of it to speak to Zora inside.
    The Outer Worlds Zora Blackwood
  4. Afterwards, make your way to the Bayside Terrace Warehouse: it will be up north, following the main path back to Stellar Bay but taking a right when you hit an eastern settlement off the path with a tall wall. The gates will be sealed, so you will need to walk around the left side of the wall and follow the cobblestone path up the hill.
    The Outer Worlds Bayside Terrace Warehouse
  5. Once you arrive, Niles will tell you that the area is off-limits and that Carlotta’s boss wants her “voided,” so they have the first bids. You can either pass a medium lie/persuade check (55), a very high intimidate (100) or offer to bribe him (~2300 bits). You can purge everyone in the area by hacking the terminal in the building to Niles’s left and venting poisonous gas.
    The Outer Worlds Niles Bayside TerraceThe Outer Worlds Bayside Terrace Poisonous Gas
  6. Make your choice to clear out the area. Then head towards a locked door leading inside the large building.
    The Outer Worlds Bayside Terrace Carlotta Locked Door
  7. Speak through the intercom to get the door opened. Go inside and speak with Carlotta to get the Printing Press Parts.
    The Outer Worlds Carlotta
  8. She will ask you to quickly make your choice of additional supplies from her, since Sanjar forbade her to cooperate with the Iconoclasts (you need to choose between high-capacity data cartridges or the extra food and medicine) and then leave the building. (You’ll want to select food and medicine here if you eventually plan on forging an alliance between the Iconoclasts and MSI.)
    The Outer Worlds Carlotta Extra Supplies
  9. Now head back to Amber Heights and enter the largest building again to talk to Graham and finish the quest. Advance the dialogue with him and mention that Sanjar has banned all trading with the Iconoclasts, which will sour the situation between the two factions. The details Graham reveals about his current plan will, meanwhile, sour his relationship with Zora. Going through this dialog tree will give you the second quest, Pay for the Printer.
    The Outer Worlds Graham and Zora Pay for the Printer
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