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Kept Secret But Not Forgotten is the penultimate main quest in the game that you will need to complete to get to the final quest, Brave New World. You’ll need to navigate through The Hope and make a game-altering choice. This will ultimately force you to decide which ending you want because you’ll need to choose between sending The Hope to either Terra 2 (Welles ending) or Tartarus (Board ending). If your character is below average intelligence, you can also prematurely end the game by sending the ship directly into the sun.

The Hope

  1. There are two ways to start this quest. It will begin after finishing The City and the Stars under Phineas Welles or after Foundation under Sophia Akande. Phineas will want you to skip Hope to Terra-2 to access it from his Lab and begin reviving those on board. Sophia will want to use Hope for the “Lifetime Employment Program,” using its technology to create a customized rotating workforce for Halcyon. The decision you make in regards to Hope will determine the future of Halcyon.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten The Hope
  2. Your goal now is to go to the Hope. ADA will inform you that she needs to be patched into the Hope’s communication systems and that the ship’s power must be rerouted to its generator.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten ADA
  3. Land and exit onto Hope, head out onto the bridge, and go right. Use the terminal to reroute power as ADA asked you to do. This will power up several modules within the ship.
    The Outer Worlds Rerouting Power to Hope
  4. Now speak with Quincy Duncan nearby. He will explain that the automechanicals got out of control. If you can pass a medium lie/persuade check (~50) or a high intimidate (~80), he’ll open the nearby door for you to pick up a UDL Identity Cartridge. You can also lockpick your way inside from the room’s west entrance.
    The Outer Worlds Quincy Duncan
  5. (You can get to the terminal described by step #7 if you climb up the yellow ladder to the west of Quincy, not far from the locked door.) Now go inside the restricted area and enter the area with the automechanicals. There are a couple of things you can do to help yourself out. Head up the ramp. Go through the right door if you haven’t picked up the ID cartridge – it will be on a small shelving unit inside.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Room 1
  6. There is another great way to help out your ability to explore the surrounding area (especially if you want to loot items/read entries on the terminals). From the previous room, go to the left side of the bridge and try the doors – go into the one with the unrestricted area inside. Using this room you can recharge your shroud to avoid confrontation with the automechanicals.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Room 2
  7. This is important – if you proceed further in, you will find a terminal overhead where you can power down sentries (hack 81) or modify Hope crew roster (hack 51). This will clear out pretty much the entire area for you and make your exploration much easier.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Powering Down Automechanicals
  8. If you go back from here, the room next to the one in step #6 has a Hope Bridge Keycard inside, in one of the lockers. The vent out of that room (through a locked door) can get you right to the hibernation chamber, but so will the door to the left of the sealed central gate.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Room 3
  9. Pick your way to access the hibernation room. The place will immediately feel familiar to you. The terminal recorded Phineas’s voice from the beginning of the story.
    The Outer Worlds Hibernation Chamber the Hope
  10. The room in the south will have another Hope Bridge Keycard you can pick up. Even if you have one, head in there anyway for the next step.
    The Outer Worlds Hope Bridge Keycard
  11. Access the Comm terminal in the room and route communications through the Unreliable. ADA will be connected now, trying to communicate with Hope’s processor.
    The Outer Worlds ADA Comm System the Hope
  12. Leave the room and go back into the hibernation chamber to find a locked door. You should be able to use the Hope Bridge Keycard to proceed forward now. Inside the hall, you can lockpick another door and kill the Mega Sprat and its allies. You can loot the area and investigate the logs, if you wish. (There is a powerful flamethrower inside). Otherwise, go up in the elevator.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Room 4
  13. Go right after leaving the elevator. There will be only one automechanical standing in your way (if you disabled the rest), and it should be easy to dispatch. Doors to the right and left are the living quarters (you can investigate through them to get a few alternative ways to the Hope’s computer, but mostly to learn more about the crew). Otherwise, just head straight through the gate.
    The Outer Worlds Hope Central Computer
  14. Now patch ADA into the computer system at the end of the bridge to make a decision on where to send The Hope. You can read the logs to learn about the ultimate fate of the crew.
    The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Patch ADA to Hope
  15. There are three options you might have available to you. Make a save before deciding so you can experience different endings. If your character has a low intelligence rating, you can actually end the game by taking the Skip yourself and sending it into the sun.
    The Outer Worlds Below Average Intelligence Skipping Into The Sun
  16. More realistically, you can either send The Hope to Terra 2 (Welles ending) or Tartarus (Board ending).
    The Outer Worlds Skipping Hope Kept Secret But Not Forgotten
  17. If you sent the ship to Tartarus, return to your ship to receive a call from Chairman Rockwell and learn that Phineas has launched a riot and abducted Sophia Akande to end the Kept Secret But Not Forgotten and start the final quest of the game, Brave New World.
    The Outer Worlds Skipping Hope to Tartarus
  18. If you sent the ship to Terra 2, ADA will note that Phineas can’t communicate. Go back to your ship and head to Phineas’s Lab.
    The Outer Worlds Skipping Hope to Terra 2
  19. Once in Phineas’s Lab, defend against a couple of remaining Corporate Troops. Then, head behind Phineas’s glass barrier and use the terminal – hack it with ~Hack 85 or look for his passcode. It will be on a Cystypig nearby (Phineas screamed about “corporate PIGS”) – loot it for Phineas’s Terminal Passcode.
    The Outer Worlds Phineas's Terminal Passcode
  20. Use Phineas’s terminal and learn that he has been arrested and taken to Tartarus. Read about his hidden “emergency care package” for you and open the panel. Go to his room to find a special weapon (“Phin’s Phorce” Long Gun) and the Tartarus Navkey to finish the quest and start Brave New World.
    The Outer Worlds Phineas's Room Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Welles's Ending


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