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Errors Unseen is a faction quest in The Outer Worlds. You can get it from Sanjar in Stellar Bay after you finish BOLT with his Name. This quest will eventually allow you to explore the UDL Lab to acquire the UDL Research Data. Finishing this side quest is a requirement for two main story quests: Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space.


  1. You should have already picked up and completed BOLT with His Name (see #1-10 of Part One) to get this quest. Now, if you haven’t already, speak with Catherine Malin at the Ante Up back at Fallbrook and clear her dialogue. Catherine will hint at a corporation hiring her supply team and send you over to investigate that (you can call out her lie if you have Lie 100 and she will note that one of her “regulars” has been acting suspiciously, which you can investigate [spoilers, that’s Huxley]). You can also take Catherine’s Slaughterhouse Clive sidequest, if you want a little bit more to do.
    The Outer Worlds Catherine Malin Errors Unseen
  2. Head out of Fallbrook and north: pick the path you came from (eastern split, lower ground) to head towards the drop-off area. Kill the marauders, mantiqueens, and mantisaurs to clear the road. If you pick the west side of the split road, you will run into a broken bridge, a dead-end. Still, Weston Sloan at the bridge’s edge can trade with you if you come from this side, if you’d like.
  3. Otherwise, use the eastern side to head down, around, and underneath the blown bridge (use your quest marker) towards the Drop Point. Interact with the Damaged Automechanical Loader here (Nyoka and Ellie would note that this looks like an ambush).
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Drop Point
  4. Now follow the path of blood left by a survivor a bit to the west (follow multiple quest markers in succession). Then enter the Smuggler Tunnel.
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Smuggler Tunnel
  5. Watch out for mines and electric traps in the tunnel (you can use a gun to disable the mines and jump over lasers or shoot at transmitters above them). Make your way through and you’ll come across the survivor, Arthur.
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Survivor Arthur
  6. With a medium medical level (~40), you can inspect his wounds. Speak to him to discover that Marauders have ambushed him. He will note the direction the marauders took and plan on returning to Fallbrook as soon as he can.
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Arthur
  7. Head back out and west from the entrance (on your right). You might need to kill some mantipillars as you go up the hill. Eventually you’ll come across the UDL Lab. The marauders will blow up the scientists as you approach (see the quest updates for an amusing little update on that). Kill all the Marauders in the area to be able to enter (there are plenty of acid barrels you can trigger). If you hack into the terminal and trigger the alarm, you will lure a disgruntled Marauder Ringleader out.
    The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen UDL Lab
  8. Climb the ladder on one of the sides of the building, or enter the lab through the side door. Fight your way to the second floor until you find the Ringleader (unless you lured him out with the alarm) and a table that has the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard.
    The Outer Worlds UDL Weapons Terminal Keycard
  9. Pick up the keycard and head toward the other room on the upper level. Use the terminal here and select the option to transfer research files on UDL’s Lorem Ipsum project to an external tape. This will give you the UDL Research Data.
    The Outer Worlds UDL Lorem Ipsum Transfer Files
  10. There is also a science weapon you can get inside this building. Head downstairs and find a locked terminal. Use the keycard and unlock the Gloop Gun containment unit. Then, either hack it with medium hacking level (~55) or make the following answer choices for the security test: Protect the Chairman > Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor > Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program. Take the gun from the capsule to your left.
    The Outer Worlds UDL Unlock Gloop Gun
  11. You can now unseal the door behind the building. Leave the building and head northwest to find a sealed gate. Use the terminal to unlock it.
    The Outer Worlds UDL Lab Sealed Door
  12. Head north and a little east to find a Marauder camp (marked as a small building on your map). Kill all the enemies inside (careful – there will be a plenty of marauders and a few large automechanicals). Once you’re finished, speak to a prisoner, Lenora Talley, to make her into a friendly Stellar Bay vendor at Fallbrook (she will be stationed at the crossroads).
    The Outer Worlds Lenora Talley
  13. You now have a clear path back to Stellar Bay. Enter Sanjar’s Office and speak with him. Opt to give him the UDL Research Data to finish up the quest. MSI will no longer be sending out broadcasts. You can also head back to Fallbrook and speak with Catherine Malin to tell her about what happened to Arthur to increase your standing with the faction.
    The Outer Worlds Sanjar Errors Unseen Completion
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