The Puppet Masters – The Outer Worlds

The Puppet Masters is a second main storyline quest for alliance with the Board (as opposed to Phineas), and this one should be very short and easy. All you need to do is communicate with Sophia Akande in Byzantium and learn that she needs to earn your trust. This will allow you to pick up The Demolished Woman and progress the Halcyon questline.


1. After completing Balance Due, you’ll start The Puppet Masters. Udom will give you the Navkey to Byzantium and the Byzantium Travel Authorization Papers. These will allow you to land your ship at Adjutant Akande’s Landing Pad.

The Outer Worlds Udom Completing Balance Due
2. Once you start the quest, return to the Unreliable and fly to Adjutant Akande’s Landing Pad on Terra-2. Ellie will ask you for a personal favor, if you wanted to pursue her quest.

The Outer Worlds Ellie About Byzantium
3. Go through the doorway to your west and briefly pause at a security checkpoint, during which Guard Esparza will examine your papers.

The Outer Worlds Guard Esparza

4. Keep going west through another doorway past two guards, and then head south to the elevator. Take it up to the third floor.

The Outer Worlds Halcyon Elevator
5. When you arrive, head north and speak to Percival Platt. State your business and get him to start a remote call with Sophia Akande.

The Outer Worlds Percival Platt

6. Speak with Sophia over the screen (she will comment on your work in the Emerald Vale) to learn that she is not ready to proceed with Phineas’s business yet. There is at least one more “freelancer” working on an important job hired by the Board who has been dragging his heels and Sophia needs a way to trust your loyalty and efficiency.

The Outer Worlds Sophia Akande Edgewater

7. To gain her trust, you’ll need to kill a retiring Board cartographer, Rachel Lockwood, for security purposes. Once you reach this point, the quest The Puppet Masters will finish and the next part, The Demolished Woman will begin.

The Outer Worlds Sophia Rachel Lockwood

8. While you’re still in Byzantium, take some time exploring around the city and completing any sidequests as you like. A place of infamous bureaucracy among some, and a dream destination for retirement for others – this city is the crown of Halcyon, giving you plenty to do and see!

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