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Passage to Anywhere is one of the game’s main quests that must be finished to complete the story. You will receive this quest from Phineas upon your completion of the Stranger in a Strange Land (that involves obtaining the power regulator for your ship in the Emerald Vale). It will begin when Phineas will initiate a call with you through ADA’s panel, explaining the situation with the board and telling you to speak to Gladys on the Groundbreaker.

The Outer Worlds Phineas Passage to Anywhere

As a part of this questline, you will need to acquire a Stellar Bay NavKey to get to Stellar Bay on Monarch. Gladys will be glad to sell it to you for 10,000 bits, which you can acquire as a part of The Distress Signal quest (and, consequently, The Doom That Came to Roseway quest). We have detailed guides for these quests that you can check out!

Alternatively, if you plan on getting onto the Board’s good side, you can wait until The Demolished Woman and Long Distance quests in the Halcyon questline, where you can obtain the NavKey for free. We cover the Halcyon questline in our guides as well!

1. Use the navigation panel to travel to the Groundbreaker. Head to the customs and speak to CPL. Leonard Wheeler, the Customs officer. From him, you’ll learn that your ship has been impounded. You’ll need to speak to Udom Bedford (a representative of the Board on the Groundbreaker) to get this resolved, but there are a few other things to take care of first.

The Outer Worlds Groundbreaker CPL Leonard

2. (Consider speaking to all NPCs in the area to pick up a variety of side quests: Comdt. Sanita has a criminal on board she wants you to deal with, the ship itself has overheating problems and Engineering wouldn’t mind getting some help with that, after completing the two previous quests you can help Vicar Max with his quest more easily, there is a science weapon stored in a less accessible location, and Ellie’s friend is in need of assistance in the MedBay. Groundbreaker has many little Easter Eggs and secret passageways scattered around for you to explore.)

The Outer Worlds Groundbreaker Bounty Quest

3. But, let’s get on with the business: Make your way to the Rest-N-Go in the lower Promenade area to find Gladys. The entrance is located across from The Lost Hope and next to the Spacer’s Choice stall.

The Outer Worlds Rest-N-Go

4. Speak to Gladys and you’ll learn that she has a single NavKey for sale. You can either purchase it for 10,000 bits right away (if you have that saved up), or take on an opportunity in Roseway she has for you. This opens up a side quest: The Distress Signal. If you have 10,000 bits, you can purchase the NavKey outright. However, you probably don’t and it’s smarter to just complete her task and save your bits (and get quite a few more as a result, no matter how you complete it). As a third option, you can steal the NavKey from Gladys’ safe with a lockpicking skill of at least 25, but beware that this will incite a violent encounter and turn some NPCs against you. In addition, Gladys will also be an important part of Pavarti’s personal quest in the future.

The Outer Worlds Gladys NavKey

5. Now, you’ll need to speak to Udom Bedford about your impounded ship. He can be found in the Byzantium Embassy on the right side of the upper Promenade Deck. You will learn that Udom was Alex Hawthorne’s friend (or his “friend”?), and the news of Alex’s death will upset him (or “upset” him?).

The Outer Worlds Udom Alex's Friend

6. Now, and this is important: you can choose to share your connection with Phineas. The outcome of this conversation is important, since your further actions will decide whether you work with Phineas or aim for the alternative ending to the game’s story. If you agree to turn Phineas in, you’ll acquire the Balance Due quest and upon its completion begin to align yourself with the Board. You can save this option for later, if you want.

The Outer Worlds Udom's Badge

7. Once finishing your conversation with Udom, your ship will be out of impound, which will give you the freedom to complete Gladys’ sidequest for the NavKey.

1. We cover this part in a lot of detail in our The Doom That Came to Roseway guide! You can find the details there or stay around for a concise version. You’ll need to head to the Roseway Landing Pad, found on Terra-2. First, you’ll need to speak to a few NPCs in the area: get inside Roseway’s walls.

The Outer Worlds Roseway Settlement
2. Enter the Comms building (big red letters) and speak to Anton Crane. He will give you more detail about The Doom That Came to Roseway quest, which automatically starts when you reach the Roseway Landing Pad. Speaking to him will also give you the side quest By His Bootstraps, where Anton will need you to rescue his assistant. You can follow through both quests, but you technically will never need to speak to Anton again after you acquire Anton’s Research, one of the three items you can turn in to Gladys. In terms of bits, he will pay you as much as Gladys for the item.

The Outer Worlds By His Bootstraps

3. Now head to the Roseway Luxury Apartments complex and speak to Vaughn Cortes. He will give you the quest Amateur Alchemist, which you can easily complete while you work to locate Anton’s Research. Vaughn’s Research will be the second item you can turn in to Gladys, and with 40 in Science you can double the output from the experiment to get a payment from both NPCs.

The Outer Worlds Vaughn
4. You can talk to Orson inside the town as well, but nothing will stop you from simply heading to the Storage Facility south of the Roseway Landing Pad without doing so (and acquiring an item for activating SAM on your ship while you are there). When you are there, make your way through until you reach Orson’s Lab and look for a poster on the wall. Here you’ll find the FORCE Pistol Schematics, a third item you can get for Gladys.

The Outer Worlds Orson's Lab

1. You can do the above quests in any order, but head to the Covert Lab in the Roseway Gardens area when you are ready. You can briefly deal with Lillian at the entrance in a manner that you want. Inside, you’ll pick up both Anton’s Research and Vaughn’s Research.

The Outer Worlds Lillian
2. There are outlaws inside the Lab and you have the option of killing them or being more tactful with your approach, if you help Cassandra. You can choose to side with Anton’s team (led by Porter) if you kill her, but siding with Cassandra will make the area surrounding the lab much more neutral towards you. You will not ruin the outcome of the quest as long as you obtain Anton’s research from Cassandra.

3. Fight your way through the lab until you find the outlaw leader, Cassandra O’Malley. You can either be diplomatic with her: obtain the Security Keycard to pen the cell and then persuade/intimidate her into giving you Anton’s Research, or just kill her and loot it from her corpse once you deal with the door. Killing her isn’t exactly instantaneous, but it isn’t too hard to do either.

The Outer Worlds Cassandra
4. Once you have Anton’s Research, continue exploring through the Lab until you find Vaughn’s Terminal. Here, you’ll need to either complete or recalibrate his research with 40 in Science skill. Doing so will grant you at least one vial of Vaughn’s pheromone Research (2 if you recalibrate it).

The Outer Worlds Vaughn's Experiment
5. Now that you have items from Anton, Vaughn, and Orson, you have options with completing the quest. You can keep both research pieces to sell to Gladys for the NavKey, or you can hand them back to their rightful owners. Both options will give you bits, but you’ll earn 375 more by turning in all three to Gladys (and 500 more if you convince her further with 65 in Intimidate or Persuade).

The Outer Worlds Gladys The Distress Signal
6. Once you’re finished, make your way back to Gladys on the Groundbreaker. Give her the FORCE Pistol Schematics and either research items if you didn’t already hand these items in. At this point, you’ll have enough bits to purchase Gladys’ Stellar Bay NavKey. Buy the Stellar Bay NavKey and go to the Unreliable. Speak to ADA and Phineas to complete the Passage to Anywhere and continue your allegiance with Phineas. He will give you the quest you can now complete on Monarch with the help of Nyoka, Radio Free Monarch.


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