naked nord run II
Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: March 15, 2015

Naked Nord Run II brings about more nakedness and more Nords in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Dendroth and the gang were at it again this evening, hosting the sequel to the much ballyhooed Naked Nord Run. Tonight’s ESO event, Naked Nord Run II, was by all accounts even better than the first race. In-game prizes were awarded to the top three finishers, and an after party Lemmings event took center stage to finish a madcap evening of Nords, nakedness, and racing.

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Naked Nord Run II was open to all participants willing to create a Level 3 alt. The only requirements?

  1. Had to be a Nord,
  2. Had to be naked.

The race began in Davon’s Watch, wound its way south through Deshaan, and finally finished in Shadowfen’s Alten Corimont. That’s quite a haul, especially when running on foot.

The winners of the Naked Nord Run II were:

  • nekidnored (First Place: 75 thousand gold)
  • Rembold the Steward (Second Place: 25 thousand gold)
  • Dat Bod (Third Place: Dwemer motiff)
  • Where are my clothes (Awarded for Best Name: 25 thousand gold)

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Naked Nord Run II was streamed live on multi-Twitch channels:

The race organizers kept the event lighthearted and entertaining, with witty banter and generous prizes. Naked Nord Run II was truly an enjoyable evening, once again proving that The Elder Scrolls Online Community is top shelf.

naked nord run ii davons watch
Naked Nords invade Davon’s Watch in anticipation of the big race.

naked nord run II racers
Approximately 23 gamers participated in the event.

naked nord run II music
The crowd was entertained with live music during the pre-race festivities.

eso naked nords
Some racers fueled up on protein before the race began.

elder scrolls online naked nords
Afterwards they stretched and did warm-up exercises.

Dendroth made an in-game appearance while things were getting organized.

naked nord female
Where are my clothes caught some rays, and went on to win the prize for best name.

naked nord run II start
The racers grouped at the South Gate starting line.

naked nord run II flash
They’re off in a flash! (or are they flashing?)

naked nord run II terrain
Naked Nord Run II was a grueling race through hazardous terrain.

naked nord run II lemmings
Naked Nords lineup for the after party Lemmings event.

naked nord run II lemmings leap
The object? Leap off a cliff and try to die at the organizers’ feet.


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