ESO Is Now Selling Experience Boosters In The Cash Shop

ESO players can now purchase Experience boosters in the Crown Store.

Beginning today, The Elder Scrolls Online started selling Experience boosters in The Crown Store. This latest development comes only four days after the devs released an incremental patch allowing players to craft their very own Experience booster in-game.

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Experience Boosters

Players can now purchase a Crown Experience Scroll that grants a 50% Experience Point bonus for 2 hours with no cooldown. The scroll is sold individually for 300 crowns or in a special 5-pack for 1,000 crowns.

Crown Experience Scroll

It should come as no surprise that the inclusion of ESO Experience boosters could be controversial. The Skyrim Fansite first reported on this issue back in March when a datamined image of an Experience booster was shared on the official forums (see our article ESO Will Become Pay-To-Win? Take A Look At This Leaked Image).

Game Director Matt Firor has been upfront with the ESO Community, explaining in his February 2015 The Road Ahead blog post:

…I can tell you that we’ll almost certainly have experience boost potions in the store at some point, as this kind of shortcut (spending less time to gain experience) is classified as a convenience.

Whether or not items like the Crown Experience Scroll should be defined as a convenience is open to some debate, however.

  • On one hand, the Experience booster is a boon for casual players who want to level their characters, and who don’t have a lot of time to do so.
  • On the other hand, the Experience booster provides a way for big spenders to level characters at a much faster rate, racking up Champion Points and creating a potentially unfair advantage in the game.

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We all knew that Experience boosters were coming, but now that they’re finally here, how do you feel about it? Do you agree with Matt Firor and his convenience classification, or do you believe that boosters like the Crown Experience Scroll are pay-to-win? Share your feelings in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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Shane Scarbrough

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Adam gazdalski
Adam gazdalski
8 years ago

I just purchased ESO today and unfortunately did not do research into the experience boosters I literally just found out about. Being an avid Elder Scrolls fan I am sorely disappointed and completely regret my purchase and honestly just want my money back. What happened to the spirit of morrowind?… did it really get taken over by corporations like all other good art?! its so sad