ESO Economy Is Insane Since The Psijic Ambrosia Launch

The ESO economy has been turned on its head since the Psijic Ambrosia incremental patch.

It’s been a couple of crazy days in The Elder Scrolls Online. On Monday, the MMORPG released an incremental patch allowing players to make Psijic Ambrosia — the game’s first craftable Experience point booster (to learn how to make this powerful drink, please click here). As a result, the ESO economy has seen tremendous price increases in certain ingredients, including once worthless fishing bait that is now marketed for thousands of gold pieces.

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ESO Economy

The prices of everything related to Psijic Ambrosia are insane. Here’s a current rundown:

1. Recipe Fragments are fetching huge bucks. Players in Zone Chat are willing to pay 175K for a single fragment (there’s a total of 7), and at least one fragment sold for 300K (this according to the Master Merchant addon).

And how about a complete Psijic Ambrosia Recipe? Some big spenders in Zone were offering at least a cool 1 million.

psijic ambrosia fragment

2. Ingredients used to make Psijic Ambrosia have jumped overnight. The price of Bervez Juice and Frost Miriam increased from 121 to 750 gold, and 350 to 800 gold respectively. The third ingredient, Perfect Roe, is selling north of 19K.

eso perfect roe

3. Bait used for fishing suddenly has tremendous value. Skinned non-trophy fish give players a chance to score Perfect Roe (about 1:100). With Perfect Roe fetching huge gold in the ESO economy, there’s suddenly a lot more players fishing.

Once worthless Worms and Crawlers are posted for sale between 3K – 10K for a stack of 100, while Guts are priced at roughly 5K. Other bait (Insect Parts, Shad, etc.) has suffered from insane inflation as well.


As of now, only a very few players can craft Psijic Ambrosia. Still, there’s other ways to profit in this crazy ESO economy.

Here’s a few ideas:

1. Fishing is the new Nirncrux grind. Grab your cane pole and hit the water. You’ll have to catch a lot of fish, but you just might score some Perfect Roe worth thousands.

eso fishing
Once a dull pastime, fishing now has all the excitement of a Vegas roulette wheel.

2. Bait Farming is now profitable. It sounds crazy, but catching insects and killing critters for Guts now makes sense post Psijic Ambrosia. Use the bait for yourself, or post it for sale in Zone Chat or a Guild Store.

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Who knew those critters would be worth so much in the ESO economy?
Who knew those critters would be worth so much in the ESO economy?

3. Provisioning Writs are the key to huge money, because the only way to find a valuable recipe fragment is to complete a daily Writ. To increase your chances of success, you need to complete higher ranked Writs, so now’s the time to invest in your Recipe Quality and Recipe Improvement passives if you haven’t already done so.

Complete a daily Provisioning Writ for a chance to score a recipe fragment.
Complete a daily Provisioning Writ for a chance to score a recipe fragment.

It’s still in the early days of the Psijic Ambrosia launch, and the ESO economy will more than likely settle down in a week or two once more players have the ability to craft the Experience booster. Fragments and completed recipes may not fetch the astronomical prices we’re seeing now, but the price of ingredients and certain bait should remain high due to ever increasing demand.


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Shane Scarbrough
Shane Scarbrough

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8 years ago

I don’t know if 4 days made a huge difference, but the Psijic Ambrosia on my M.M. data are showing an average of 8.3K gold now. I even caught flak in gchat for selling them at 8K.

Shane Scarbrough
Shane Scarbrough
Reply to  Drastikk
8 years ago

Hi Drastikk, I’m seeing the same thing on my end — it’s only been 4 days, but the price has dropped significantly. The crazy thing is, Perfect Roe is still expensive. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. At 8K, can you even make a decent profit on Psijic Ambrosia, considering the high cost of mats?

Silly Kid
Silly Kid
8 years ago

I do believe, shane, that 32000 > 20000