Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: May 18, 2015

A new Black Panther mount will be available in The Elder Scrolls Online for a limited time.

Today, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) revealed that a new Black Panther mount will be made available in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store for a limited time. The disclosure was visible as soon as the game client was launched.

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Black Panther Mount

At the time of this article, ZOS hadn’t released any hard information as to when the Black Panther mount would be made available for players. When the link provided in the game client was clicked, users were taken to a Crown Store webpage, but there wasn’t any info at all in regards to the mount.

UPDATE 5/20/15: According to ZOS, the Black Panther mount will be available in the Crown Store starting on May 21st at 10AM EDT, and removed on May 26th at 10AM EDT. The mount will cost 2,500 crowns.

The Skyrim Fansite first reported on the ESO Black Panther mount back in March in a post regarding datamined cash shop items (you can read the article here). The Black Panther will mark the second time ZOS has released a limited time mount — the first being the Senche Leopard for sale during April’s Welcome Back Weekend.

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black panther mount elder scrolls online
ZOS teases a limited time Black Panther mount.

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7 years ago

Yeah dumb that they couldnt even write a paragraph on the damn thing before they slapped it on the front page taking you to crowns… But It looks cool and im going to buy it. haha

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