New Multiplayer Trailer – Sons of the Forest

Most likely the last trailer for Sons of the Forest before its early access release on Steam, the new multiplayer trailer shows off the game’s cooperative mode. It not only portrays what frantic eight person co-op will look like, but also gives us some footage of systems in the game, like crafting and base building. There is also an eerie snippet of the player entering some kind of door at the end.

Multiplayer looks hectic and we can’t wait

Fans will also be delighted to see some new weapons showcased in the trailer. The stun baton takes center-stage in the beginning, and looks like it will be very useful at incapacitating enemies. However, some gameplay with the pump-action shotgun is also prevalent towards the latter half of the video, with enemies being completely wrecked by the powerful weapon. It is also confirmed that players will be able to recruit the NPC, Kelvin, while they play with friends.

If you’re not in the know, Sons of the Forest is available for early access today. This method of release means a couple of things for fans. For one, the game will likely not be as polished and might have some gaps in the gameplay. If it plays like it looks in the trailers so far, though, then we will probably still have a very positive experience.

Another consequence of the game not releasing fully is that it is only available on steam. The last game in the franchise, The Forest, was available on both PS4 and PC. Hopefully, the new game’s availability on other platforms will be elaborated on by the developers after some time in early access. Another feature that we hope to be updated on is if cross play will ever be possible if the game comes to consoles.

What did you think of the new trailer? Does playing with friends make this unsettling game any less terrifying? Tell us in the comments!

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