Stun Baton

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Moderate
Attack Damage: Low-Moderate
Blocking Effectiveness: Moderate
A baton that can shock enemies, leaving them stunned for several moments. It must have a charge to shock enemies; if the charge runs out, then batteries are needed to recharge it.

The stun baton is right next to the cave where you find the rope gun. If you leave the cave and walk to the small lake’s edge, go left, and you will find it by a waterfall in a pile of skulls. If you look at the baton for a short moment before grabbing it, a squirrel might come and get zapped by the weapon.

sons of the forest stun baton location

The stun baton can shock enemies, which leaves them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. In order to shock and enemy, you must do a power attack by holding the attack button. You will know that it is a shocking attack if the player thrusts the baton forward, striking the enemy with the zappy tip part (1). If you perform a normal attack, you will just swing the baton for regular damage.

You can view how much charge the baton has while holding it, but you can also see the charge gauge in the inventory screen below its icon (2). You will only have enough charge for about 4 shocks, after which, you must recharge the baton by combing it with batteries in your inventory.

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