Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Moderate-High
Attack Damage: Low-Moderate
Blocking Effectiveness: Moderate
A large bladed weapon that can cut small trees and deal quick damage to enemies.

The machete is on a beach on the northern side of the island, not far from the cave where you get the stun gun and rebreather. There is a camp on the beach with some small boats and tents. The Machete will be stuck into the side of one of the boats near the water’s edge.

No, after acquiring the machete, you will still use the utility knife. The machete and the knife fill very different roles. The machete is a better weapon, doing slightly more damage and being able to block attacks. Conversely, the utility knife is more of a tool, because it lets players sharpen sticks and make the crafted spear. The machete cannot be used in crafting.

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