Wasteland Workshop Fallout 4 DLC Review

Well, the second piece of Fallout 4 downloadable content, Wasteland Workshop was released last Tuesday which has given me enough time to install it and have a good old play around with it, ready for this review.

Unlike Automatron, the Wasteland Workshop DLC doesn’t give you any more storyline. Instead it focuses on two things, trapping creatures of your own, and padding out the settlement building options. So, we’ll look at these two bits in turn.

This video shows my settlement getting attached, plus a look at the cages, and my fighting arena. Enjoy. (p.s. sorry about the capture timer)

One of the newer elements of Wasteland Workshop is the ability to trap creatures and even people in large metal cages, these creatures can often be used for base defence or even creating a Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome fighting arena. Build one or more of the various cages, hook them up with power and then wait for a few hours for the trap to be strung. You can build cages for most of Fallout 4’s wasteland creatures, stingwings, radstags, ghouls, raiders, brahmin and even, yes that’s right the mighty Deathclaw.

It’s worth noting that you will need to build a Beta Wave Emitter if you don’t want your trapped animals to rampage through your settlement, and these can only be built if you’ve got the Animal Friend Perk (Charisma 5) and the Wasteland Whisperer Perk (Charisma 9) first. It’s also worth noting that the trapped creatures tend to be slightly higher level than me (I’m only level 45ish, on this play through so it may vary)

Once you’ve trapped your creature you’ll need to repair the cage using a few more resources but it’s cheaper than a whole new cage.

Wasteland Workshop DLC brings a load of new items you can use in your settlements. Items such as neon lights, signs, and taxidermy are purely aesthetic and the introduction of concrete walls and floor means with the right resources your settlements can look a little bit more robust. Most of the items in Wasteland Workshop are aesthetic only but there are a few notable exceptions.

  • Fusion Generator – This beast of a generator uses fusion power to add 100 power to the settlement when hooked up to the grid.
  • A new medium water pump – this pump generates more water than the hand-pump and doesn’t require a water source to put it in.
  • Farm plots – these square beds mean you can plant crops anywhere, on the roof, in the middle of the road, upstairs bedroom, wherever you want.
  • Decontamination Arch – probably the best new item, build one get it plugged in, now anytime you walk through it, your radiation get cleaned. Marvelous!
  • More Traps – there are a whole load more interesting traps, like spiked boards and so on. The trouble is, settlements never really get attacked enough to warrant using them. Still, a nice addition I suppose.

Wasteland Workshop is worth the £4.99 if you’re a big fan of building settlements. If you’re purely playing Fallout 4 as a first-person shooter, it might be worth leaving this one alone.

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