Vault-Tec Fallout 4 DLC Review

After crawling out of cryo-sleep at the beginning of Fallout 4, did you ever find yourself thinking, “Gee, it would be great if I could build my own Vault”? Well, now you can. With the new Vault-Tec DLC from Bethesda, every wanna-be vault maker is sure to find something to excite. There is an array of brand new workshop items and even a small quest attached to this huge new DLC. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s build a vault!


This DLC does come with a small amount of story. Nothing in comparison to the size of Far Harbour but its a nice feature. Like with the Automatron DLC, a radio signal will appear on your Pip-Boy. This signal will point you in the direction of Vault 88. You will need to fight your way through a relatively small mob of raiders in order to get to the vault entrance. Once there, that’s when the real fun begins. Upon entering the cave, you are greeted by a rather ghoulish sounding voice telling you to leave (typical). When you reach the vault door and open it, however, she soon changes her tune. Believing you to be a representative of Vault-Tec, come to help her after 200 years, she gladly welcomes you to the Vault.

The Vault is mostly run down and, importantly, not finished. You soon discover that the vault was intended, as with the many other vaults, to be a place of experimentation. The Overseer, who happens to be the only survivor, asks for your help with completing her mission. Find willing subjects and conduct experiments on them. I can already sense that some of you will be rubbing your hands in glee. As expected, some of these experiments are not so humanitarian, should we say.

“Finally!” I hear you call, “A chance to be the evil overseer I’ve always dreamed of being!” and you are not wrong. But, hold your horses there, because there is some work to be done first.

Vault Tec Vault 88
Build, expand and experiment. What you do is up to you.

Alongside the small quests, Bethesda has incorporated a whole new bunch of workshop items for you to play with. For all the builders out there, this one is definitely for you. Since Vault-Tec was unable to complete the Vault before all the bombs fell, you are required to do what they could not. You are given a whole new category of building materials placed under the VAULT section of the workshop. There are pre-made structures to create your own rooms depending on their function. Build on multiple levels. Make it any shape and size that you prefer. Bethesda have provided more than enough room for all you’re building needs.

Once you have opened up the main area, the cave system is yours to explore. Each area connecting to a new section. Of course, you will have to clear these out of any creatures you may find. But, that won’t be a difficult task for an intrepid explorer like you. In order to build in each section, you will need a specific console to activate the workshop for that area. Let’s just say, this place is big. I mean really big.

Of course, jumping straight into the quests is just as much fun. Especially if you don’t feel like building just yet. Once you have made an Overseer desk for your new friend, the fun can begin. By switching on the radio signal for the vault, soon new potential vault dwellers arrive. Of course, the Overseer asks them a few strange questions until you find the “perfect” subject. This comes in the form of Clem. Clem is, different. Like a good Vault-Tec experiment, he does what he is told.

The first test involves asking Clem to exercise. By hooking up his exercise bike to a computer, you are able to get him to generate power. This is also where you decide what type of Overlord, I mean, Overseer you want to be. There are three options once the computer is powered up. What you choose will define you as a leader. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be the bad guy, this is your chance. Shock Clem if he dips below optimal performance, give him performance enhancing drugs or just be nice. It’s up to you. And this is just the beginning. In order to be the thriving Vault 88, you need more subjects to conduct more experiments. However you choose to play this is entirely up to you.

The new Vault-Tec DLC has a horde of new things to offer its players in its largest Vault ever. Whether you enjoy building or experimenting, there is hours of play within this new content. Build, expand and become the evil Overseer you always dreamed of being! Or don’t, it really is in your hands now.




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