Fallout 4 Nuka World Review

I’m not usually one for theme parks. I’m not a big fan of roller coasters and I certainly do not like animatronics or people in full body suits. Suffice to stay, I tend to steer clear of them. However, Nuka World caught my eye. An exciting place for the whole family? An entire park dedicated to a fizzy drink? Crazy raiders that want to murder you dead? Yes please. So, let’s dive into this one like it was a pool full of Nuka Quantum!

Let me first direct you to your Pip-Boy radio. Here you will hear the cheerful tune of Nuka World calling. Hop on board the Nuka Transit for the adventure of a lifetime! But, it couldn’t be that simple, could it? Well, aside from a few Gunners and some guy who has some sob story about needing to rescue his wife and child, its plain sailing!

So, you’ve plonked yourself onto the transit and are now arriving into the park. In the distance you can see the silhouette of Fizz Top Mountain. You can feel the excitement rising. ‘What should I go on first?’ you ask yourself. But, before you have a chance to think, a voice comes over the train tannoy. This is not going to be the fun filled adventure that you expected. Nope, you are the victim of a trap. And now, you have to survive the raider Gauntlet. Welcome to Nuka World indeed.

However, if you are now a veteran Fallout player, this Gauntlet should be easy-peasy. And once you reach the end, kill the big bad Overboss with a water gun (don’t ask), you’re done! Oh, and now are in charge of three factions of raiders. That’s fine though because now you’re in charge you can run this park however you like. Just remember, keep the factions happy, you won’t have any problems.

But, what about the park? I hear you cry. Don’t panic. There is plenty to explore and each little area has its own little story to tell. Whether it be in the ghoul infested Kiddie Kingdom or Gatorclaw inhabited Safari Adventure, there is plenty to discover. Oh, did I forget to mention the appearance of an old friend? A certain Sierra Petrovita from Girdershade. The crazy lady with an obsession with Nuka Cola. Yeah, it’s all here in Nuka World.

This is an interesting one in terms of gameplay. As you would expect, it plays very much like the rest of the game. You can explore wherever you like and do whatever you please. There are of five main park areas to visit, 6 if you count Nuka Town. This is where the market is and where you’re new home as Overboss resides. There is Galactic Zone, Dry Rock Gulch, World of Refreshment, Kiddie Kingdom and Safari Adventure. Go forth and conquer them all! And possibly die a lot in the process. But, still…fun for the whole family, right?

But, there are some nice little extra pieces to this DLC that some of you may appreciate as I did. For example, the Nuka-Cade. A fully functioning arcade where you can win prizes! And who doesn’t want to win a toy sloth?

But, this isn’t the only cool thing about the park. The areas themselves each have a unique character about them. Except for the World of Refreshment. That place can go burn in hell. But, the other parks are interesting. Each holding their own story. Some of the creatures are even new like the blood worms and the flying ant swarms. Although not a fun addition, at least they’re new.

Finally, I have to tell you about the mission with the epic Cappy Glasses. If you do speak to dear Sierra Petrovita, she will eventually give you a mission. To help her find all the hidden Cappy images around Nuka World. They each give you a letter to a code that leads to some amazing prize. But, you can only see them with the special Cappy Glasses. Personally, I thought I looked pretty fly in them.

Nothing has really changed in this front. Its still the same awesome Fallout 4 graphics. But, with the added scenery of Nuka World. This whole place really does feel like you are in a whole other world. For the six hours that I played straight, I almost forgot where I was. And, for me, that really shows you how immersive it can get.

The sound in Fallout 4 has always been great. But, here in Nuka World, you get the added bonus of happy fun tunes playing as mobs of creatures try to murder you. This only adds to the atmosphere of the place. That, and the constant tannoy announcements from before the bombs fell that really give you a sense of place. Even now I can hear the Nuka song running through my head. And I am suddenly reminded of all the horrible things that have happened. Man, I love Nuka World.

Not sure about this one. Again, as with the rest of Fallout 4, there is plenty of opportunity to replay this. I’m sure if I choose to do another run through of the game, I will most definitely want to play through this DLC again. But, I doubt it will have the same impact on me as it did the first time.

bottle and cappy nuka world
Bottle and Cappy here to help you stay safe in Nuka World.


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