Nuka-World Fallout 4 DLC Release Date

Bethesda Softworks have finally announced the release date for their latest and last piece of Fallout 4 DLC, Nuka-World. The release date has been set for 30th August and there’s a brand spanking new trailer as well.

Details are still sketchy, and by sketchy I mean almost non-existent, but you can get certain clues from the trailers and the vague description of Nuka World that they’ve given us.

“Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!”

So, we’ll get to lead lethal gangs of raiders? Have they finally dirtied up the moral water of Fallout 4. Will we now be able to attack friendly settlements and loot them? We’ll have to see.

Looking at the trailer, we can see the various park-zones, some of them riddled with ghouls and other mutated live forms. Even more interesting, I think is all the rides, some of them broken and abandoned others you can still ride. The ghouls struggling to run on the rotating ride is hilarious. I could watch that for hours.

It also looks like there’s new weaponry included, what these weapons are is a little difficult to see.

Hopefully, Nuka-World will be a fantastic swan-song for all the Fallout 4 downloadable content, a really impressive add-on that seals everything together and leaves the latest game with a ‘finished feeling’.

Don’t cry for the last of the Fallout 4 DLC’s though, after all there is still the modding community creating everything that Bethesda Softworks haven’t thought of yet.

If you want to get ahead of the game, and don’t own a Fallout 4 season pass, you can download Nuka-World from steam here.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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