Latest Fallout 4 Rumor Has Link To ESO Console Release Date

latest fallout 4 rumor

The latest Fallout 4 rumor has it that Bethesda will make an announcement at this year’s E3 expo.

The gaming world has experienced its fair share of Fallout 4 hype. Some rumors are outright lies, while petitions such as this, scream of desperation. Regardless, there’s been no official word from Bethesda as to when (or even if) Fallout 4 will be released.

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The good folks over at though speculate that an official announcement may be forthcoming at this year’s E3 expo. In a recently published article, the online games magazine postulates that a Fallout 4 reveal could possibly be made since a hard console release date for The Elder Scrolls Online has been set:

E3 will be taking place slightly later this year, between June 16-18, meaning Bethesda will have already released the game [ESO] and will have an opportunity to both promote that release on a worldwide stage, AND possible announce Fallout 4. Games tend to go gold between 4-6 weeks before they are released, which would potentially give Bethesda around 6-7 weeks where they can put more resources on getting something ready for E3.

Anything is possible, and I’d be just as thrilled as anyone to hear an official Fallout 4 announcement at E3. If a reveal is made however, I don’t feel the news will have much to do with the ESO console release, and here’s why:

Both the Fallout franchise and ESO are different animals, spearheaded by different studios within the ZeniMax Media corporate structure: Bethesda Game Studios (Fallout), and ZeniMax Online Studios (ESO). Both studios have their own projects and realms of responsibility. Just because ESO will be released to console prior to E3 by ZOS doesn’t necessitate that Bethesda will have more resources to put towards Fallout 4 and an E3 announcement. This latest Fallout 4 rumor would have more teeth if the Bethesda studio was actually responsible for the development and maintenance of The Elder Scrolls Online — which it isn’t.

As much as I hope is correct, I feel the rumor is wishful thinking at best. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my Pip-Boy 3000 fully charged.

So how do you feel about this latest Fallout 4 rumor? Do you feel an announcement is coming at E3 2015? Why or why not? Share your opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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