How to Survive: Far Harbour Monsters – Fallout 4

Far Harbour welcomes you! This exciting and exotic new land awaits adventurers, like you, who can’t wait to explore the depths of what this island has to offer. However, the scenic views and strange flora are not the only specimens that inhabit this land. There are dangers around every corner and you should be aware of them. This guide will introduce you to some of the less friendly inhabitants of the island of Far Harbour and, hopefully, will ensure that your trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible. So, let’s begin!

Now, if you are at all familiar with the monsters of the Commonwealth, then these will come of no surprise to you. Mirelurks are the crab-like creatures that occupy a good portion of any coastal region. Far Harbour is certainly not without them. Although these creatures are not anything new to the budding adventurer, be aware! The Mirelurk population is significantly higher on the island than in the Commonwealth. Ranging from the weak Soft-Shelled to the Kings and Queens, make sure you are prepared for these crabby inhabitants. Keep plenty of Stimpaks to hand.

There is little to say about this beast. They travel in packs but have very similar resistances to Wild Dogs from the Commonwealth. They are not a difficult enemy to defeat. Just shoot them in the face.

Don’t let this innocent sounding name fool you, Gulpers are no laughing matter. These creatures are fish-like in their appearance and have few special qualities. However, the older they get, the more dangerous they become. Young Gulpers are rather tame compared to their elder counterparts, although, if you face them unprepared, can still be a challenge. You can often tell how old a Gulper is by its size; the older it is, the bigger it is. If you ever find yourself face to face with one of these enormous monstrosities, make sure you have a good weapon to hand. As the creature is bigger I would recommend a bigger gun. Don’t reach straight for the Fat Man, unless you want to get a serious tan. (Side note: Nuclear materials are not good for the skin, please don’t fire a mini nuke at close range).

gulper far harbour fallout 4
A younger Gulper, beware of it’s older counterpart
Anglers like to leap out of the water in order to surprise its victim

Much like everything on this island, this creature resembles the very familiar historical sea-creature, the angler fish. However, much like everything else on this island, it very much wants to kill you. The Angler uses a cunning trick to fool you into thinking you are safe. Within bodies of water dotted around the island, there are plants known as Lure Weed. They have a distinctive glow about them that cannot be missed. However, should you decide to delve near these plants, don’t be caught unaware.

Much like its ancestor, Anglers lure their prey into a self sense of security with the light that hangs from the top of their head. This light very much resembles that of the Lure Weed. If you get close enough, they will spring out the water in an attempt to catch its unsuspecting victim off guard. But, if you know what to look for, then never again will you be surprised by these creatures! (More or less) Be careful when delving into the water. Look out for any glowing lights, you never know when one could be an Angler.

These creatures are definitely one of the most dangerous creatures on the island. They are one of the largest creatures you will come across just by adventuring. Hermit Crabs are yet another monster that likes to surprise its unsuspecting victims. However, they are much harder to find than the Anglers. These crabs like to make old pre-war vehicles their homes, more specifically, trucks. For the trained eye, you want to be aware of these half trucks lying around. Once within the proximity of one, the Hermit Crab will crawl out of its abode, the truck then becoming its “shelll”. Be aware that they will projectile their offspring at you whilst attempting to fight it (much like the Mirelurk Queen). Melee attacks will work fine against these smaller creatures. For the Hermit Crab, keep your distance and use as many explosives as possible. It’s always best to keep mines or grenades on you just in case you happen across one.

hermit crab far harbour fallout 4
Hermit Crabs use pre-war trucks as their shell for protection

These tall, bug-like creatures can be deadly but, much like the Hermit Crab they require a little patience and plenty of explosives. They tend to delve near areas that have a lot of fog, hence the name. They have an exoskeleton armour on a good portion of their body. However, like the Mirelurk, their face is a vulnerable spot. Take your time when approaching this monster as it can charge at you very quickly. It is unlikely that you will find more than one of these at any one time. A shotgun is highly recommended.

fog crawler far harbour fallout 4
Fog Crawlers are a much larger version of a Mirelurk

Although not technically a monster, these enemies are a definite threat to anyone on the island. For those of you that are perhaps unaware, the Children of Atom are a religious group. They strongly believe that the nuclear apocalypse was brought about by the ‘God’, Atom. Their sole purpose is to achieve ‘division’ and finally join their Lord. In this sense, they believe that surrounding themselves with radiation will provide this ‘enlightenment’. In other words, vast amounts of radiation have made them insane. However, this only makes them more dangerous. Besides from their sheer numbers, they also like to use radiation guns, that are incredibly effective.

If you intend on fighting these guys make sure you either have a radiation suit or PLENTY of Rad-X and Rad Away. Guaranteed you will need them. Fortunately, the Children of Atom do not roam randomly around Far Harbour island and tend to only be found in certain areas, mainly their base known as The Nucleus.

As with anywhere in the Commonwealth, your safety comes first. The list above is about all you need to know about the inhabitants on the island. There are of course the very common Feral Ghouls as well as the inhabitants that do not want to kill you straight away. The few mentioned are to simply to prepare you for the dangers that lay in waiting on your adventure. Do not be disheartened however, for this island has much to offer and plenty of secrets for you to discover.

So, welcome to Far Harbour and enjoy your stay!

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