Fallout 4 Settlement Building – Power

You remember a few days ago a little post that dealt with all the basics of building a settlement in Fallout 4. It dealt with the basic structure, so bolting together those bits of wood and metal to build a roof over your head and to keep out the radioactive weather. Well, part 2 is now live which builds on the first tutorial, and gives you all the information you need to build generators and lights that will brighten and power your new home.

The video above is by far a better way to learn how to light and power your Fallout 4 settlements but if you are a little pushed for time, then I’ll boil down the video to the major points now

There are several different types of generators but the only thing that’s different apart from the way they look is the amount of energy they generator. Small generators produce 3 while a big fusion generator can produce 100 energy.

There are two different types of lights differentiated by the way you connect them to power. There are direct connection and area effect. The direct connection lights as you’d expect are directly connected to the power generator by way of a cable. The area of effect lights are powered when a network of connectors is within range.

The area effect of non-connected lights is a 3D sphere so depending on where you’ve put your connectors you may be able to power external lights.

There are other powered items other than lights. spotlights, electric items such as jukeboxes and radios, the larger water pumps and the cages that came with the Wasteland Workshop DLC all need power as well.

So there you have it. The second part of my Fallout 4 Settlement building tutorial that will give you all the information you need to switch those lights on. Keep checking back for the next Fallout 4 Settlement Building Tutorial.

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