Lack Of Fallout 4 News Is Making People Crazy

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Misleading articles regarding Fallout 4 news are circulating on the Web.

Like QuakeCon before it, this year’s E3 convention has come and gone with still no word from Bethesda regarding Fallout 4. This lack of news is starting to make people crazy. No, not crazy like the petition started earlier this year on demanding that Bethesda announce Fallout 4. But crazy like the latest Fallout 4 rumor being written up as legitimate news, announcing to the world that the much anticipated game has finally been confirmed by Bethesda.

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Fallout 4 is no stranger to speculation and rumors, but this latest salvo screams of desperation and tomfoolery. Over the last two days, misleading Web articles (each quoting the same shadowy source) have been picked up by Google News. Two examples of such stories can be found at KpopStarz and The Fuse Joplin, but there are others circulating on the Net.

At its core, this rumor-presented-as-news indicates that:

  1. An informant who knows Bethesda’s PR officer claims that Fallout 4 in under development.
  2. Not only is the game under development, but it will be presented at E3 2015, and released shortly thereafter in the Fall.

Savvy gamers have called out the “news” stories as being fake and misleading in the comment sections of the articles referenced above.

fallout 4 news

So who’s at fault here? Is it the person who first started the rumor (knowing full well the information was fake), or the writers who wrote the misleading articles to share and re-share across the Net? In the end, I suppose both parties share responsibility for the craziness. Rumors are bad enough, but passing the information off as legit does a disservice to the gamers and fans of the Fallout series, not to mention the game developers who are (hopefully) working on the next installment of the game as I write this article.

So stay frosty fans. Ignore the rumors and craziness, and stay hopeful for an official Fallout 4 news announcement sometime in the near future.


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