Game: Fallout 4
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: February 26, 2016

Firstly, for anyone and everyone interested in Fallout 4 DLC and haven’t already bought a season pass, you might want to but it before the 1st March. The current price for the DLC Pass is set to increase from around £24.99 up to £39.99 on the 1st March, so in short you have just under a week to put your order in.

The Season Pass in short gives you access to all the future downloadable contact for free (kind of) once you’ve paid for a pass (See? It’s sort of free). This announcement followed hot on the heels of the announcement of the first three pieces of DLC that are set to be released over the next three months, and if you needed to validate the purchase of a season pass, these three pieces of DLC alone have a value of around £20-£25.

Automatron Fallout 4 DLCAutomatron is the first piece of DLC to be released and focuses on our more autonomous members of the fallout 4 society, and by that I mean the robots. This DLC includes a new questline, from someone called the Mechanist who’s swamped the wasteland with rogue robots, plus an increased level of customisation of your robots, including paintwork and voices. There are a few robot adding mods out there for settlements, but I’m hoping this official DLC will bring a little more.


Wasteland Workshop Fallout 4 DLCThe second DLC looks at providing more options for the workshop, a few more lighting options, stuffed animals in the form of taxidermy, but most interesting is the ability to capture, tame and force creatures into battle for you. Radscorpion companion anyone? Hopefully, they’ll can be used at the same time as your human companions, I don;t want to get rid of Cait just yet.

Far Harbor Fallout 4 DLCFar Harbor is probably the most exciting piece of announced Fallout 4 DLC, in that far Harbor is set to give you a whole new area of Boston, and may well be one of the biggest DLC’s a game has ever had. You’ll get new areas, missions, settlements, weapons, things to shoot with those weapons. It’s looking pretty exciting but you’ll have to wait till May 2016 for this one.

Of course this is just the first batch of Fallout 4 DLC to be released by Bethesda and there promises to be more to come after these, although no release date has been given yet.

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