Fallout 4 DLC Announced at E3 2016

When Bethesda spoke at E3 2016 they showed trailers of the next three Fallout 4 DLC’s that will be available over the next few months. The trailer below shows just what’s in store for our lone survivor, and seem to cover new workshop items, quest hubs and something a little more fun for those less ethical.

I’m a big fan of settlement building as you may have picked up from the Fallout 4 Settlement Building YouTube tutorials I’m making, and I’m very excited about all three of these. Take a look and see how you feel.

The first piece of Fallout 4 DLC Contraptions is an inventors dream, filled with conveyor belts, item-sorters, ball tracks, armour racks, weapon racks, tracks and general gubbins and what’s-its. If settlement building is your thing, then this is definitely something you want to take a look at. The Contraptions DLC is downloadable next week. That’s right only days before you can get your hands on this bit.


The second Fallout 4 DLC due for release in July is definitely one of the more exciting DLC’s so far in that you get to create your own Vault. I’m not sure how the lore is going to work around this, as vaults would cost billions of dollars to fully build. However, regardless of that you get to snap bits of your vault together, and even conduct experiments on your own vault dwellers.


The final piece of Fallout 4 DLC is another expansion which appears to be themed on an amusement park called Nuka World. Very few details are available for this one but it looks intriguing none-the-less.


So, if you splashed out on the Fallout 4 DLC season pass you’ll really be seeing the benefit of your purchase, for everyone else these do sound like exciting additions. Keep tuned for to Zombiechimp for more info on these DLC’s.

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