Fallout 4 Bug How to Save Kent

Last weekend I was playing my usual level of Fallout 4. I was neck-deep in the Silver Shroud quest-line when I was asked to Save Kent over the radio station. A chap called Sinjin had only bloody kidnapped him, now it was for me to head over there and save his ass.

I stormed over there and sneaked through the large double doors, only to be faced with the sound of a grenade exploding a few shots and the message telling me I had failed to save Kent.

‘What the Hell?’ I thought. I reloaded and sneaked in again. More gunfire and the failed message again. Ok, something was definitely going on here.

My first thought was to turn off the AI using the ‘tai’ console code, they all stood around like dorks until I shot them. I made it all the way to the last room, and Kent was lying dead on the floor it just hadn’t triggered the message yet. Also, with AI off, your action points or health don’t recover which meant not using VATS until I got to Sinjin.

Anyway, I tried this a few times reloading a new save, even loading an earlier save and attempting to get to Sinjin and kill him so he didn’t kill Kent before I got there, but to no avail.

I finally figured it out. It was my sunglasses that had the HUD effect on them. They were triggering the HUD effect on all enemies, even ones I couldn’t see and this was triggering Sinjin to kill Kent. I took off my sunglasses and everything returned to normal, I got to sneak in, kill everyone and destroy Sinjin before he got too trigger-happy.

So, there you go. If your Fallout 4 is bugging out, and Sinjin is killing him before you get a chance to save his captive, take off any HUD modded clothes you may be wearing, and the level should be just as do-able as before.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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