Contraptions Fallout 4 DLC

Contraptions is the next piece of Fallout 4 downloadable content released by Bethesda Softworks. In a similar vein to Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions provides you with more gubbins and inventions for your settlements.

At just under $5 / £4 it’s not a bad price. This assumes that settlement building is a big part of your game. If you never touch settlement building, save your cash. This DLC does not add any more quests, zones or NPC’s.

So, that’s enough about what it doesn’t provide. Here’s a list of what you do get with the Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC.

The lion share of Contraptions are the tools and equipment you need to set up a sort of wasteland industry. There’s conveyor belts, sorters, hoppers, logic gates and enough machines so you can build your own weapons, armour, ammo, food and clothing. It takes a little while to get everything up and running, so watch out for a guide on how to sort out your industry I’ll be posting soon.

The ball track has a lot less utility than the Industry machines. In short, it does nothing other than guide a steel ball down a path. Still, it’s a nice enough thing, if you wanted to spend the steel and wood to make it. As far as I can tell, it’s the best way of dropping a steel ball on to someone in the pillory which also comes with Fallout 4 Contraptions.

Now you can arrange your prized weapons and armour appropriately within your settlement. So simply equip the dummies or weapon racks with the gear you want to show off.

I’m not really sure why you’d want to waste your scrap on explosives you’re not throwing at someone. Nevertheless, if you do want to fill the sky with pretty explosions then you’ve now got the firework mortar.

Stay tuned for a video guide on how to use the Fallout 4 Contraption items to create your own settlement Industry, here on

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